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  • Some handlers may have more than one contact location. They are listed by their primary contact. Check each individual page for additional contact information.
  • If a handler has 'No' under the 'Can Breed?' column, it means they have not fully registered their handler account and received a PIN# for use during the breeding season. If you did not receive a note on your contact-location of choice with a link to register your account, please contact: Arazia (DA/Furaffinity/or @gmail.com)
Name Found On: Contactable? Can Breed? Wyrms Owned
-Aestival- FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
-Deadly-Nightshade- FurAffinity No No 15
Absurd-Gryphon DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Abysssolider FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
Aching E-mail Yes Yes 13
Aibo7m3 DeviantArt Yes Yes 9
Aizui Suspended Account No No 0
AlexWright E-mail Yes No 1
Alyseshae68 E-mail No Yes 1
Amberhawke E-mail Yes Yes 1
Amoryllis FurAffinity Yes Yes 17
AmpDragoness FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
AnikiGin DeviantArt Yes Yes 6
AnimeAmy FurAffinity Yes Yes 27
Anpumes FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Antimon E-mail Yes Yes 40
Apri FurAffinity Yes No 2
Arazia E-mail Yes Yes 124
ArcanaDagger FurAffinity Yes Yes 13
ArcheryFiend DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Ardra222 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
AriA Forums Yes Yes 84
Ariesdraco DeviantArt Yes Yes 5
Arouria DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
Ashkaa FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Ashwyn101 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
AskjaSkug58 E-mail Yes Yes 1
AsureaSkie Proxy No Yes 2
Aurilyn FurAffinity Yes Yes 26
Aurorous DeviantArt Yes Yes 154
Azulanwolf DeviantArt Yes No 15
AzureElla FurAffinity Yes No 2
BairnSidhe E-mail Yes Yes 4
Bashley1991 DeviantArt Yes No 1
Battygothgirl Proxy No Yes 4
Bazilpup FurAffinity Yes No 1
Beerhorse FurAffinity Yes Yes 4
Bitesizednin DeviantArt Yes Yes 39
Blutailedferret Forums Yes Yes 81
Bolocutefox FurAffinity Yes Yes 6
Bp56 FurAffinity Yes No 33
Bratashes DeviantArt Yes No 1
BrownFur-Uniwolf DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Butterfly-Empress7 DeviantArt Yes Yes 9
Candy Cane. E-mail No No 0
Candywalrus DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
CaptainAwesometastic DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Captainmaggot FurAffinity Yes No 2
Carruler8 E-mail Yes Yes 1
Casiesmith E-mail Yes Yes 1
Cataluna0 DeviantArt Yes Yes 4
Catdragon E-mail Yes Yes 1
Ceeotu Forums Yes Yes 64
Celestial-Rose FurAffinity Yes No 2
Celestine8 DeviantArt Yes Yes 14
ChasingDreams4 DeviantArt Yes Yes 4
Chazzfox FurAffinity Yes No 1
ChronisWolf FurAffinity Yes Yes 26
Cinnamon Spaniel E-mail No No 0
Cipher FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Cjouellet95 E-mail Yes Yes 1
Claypaws FurAffinity Yes Yes 7
Clericilis FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Colli Forums Yes Yes 2
Cometsuicide E-mail Yes Yes 1
Commander potoo E-mail Yes Yes 0
Cooper FurAffinity Yes Yes 10
Coraxonyx DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
CorrosiveChaos DeviantArt Yes No 2
Covarla E-mail Yes Yes 15
Crazywyrmlady E-mail Yes Yes 2
CreaturesOfTheRealm DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
CresylWolf FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Crystal-rex DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
DakariCeychi FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
Dangerlamb E-mail Yes Yes 10
DarkLadyPhoenix DeviantArt Yes Yes 11
Demonic-Apricot E-mail Yes Yes 39
Diamondmx E-mail Yes Yes 4
DisneyQueen E-mail Yes Yes 45
Dizziness E-mail Yes Yes 28
Djkripticdeschain FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Draco-Cretel FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
DragonCarnation {{{handlerinfo}}} Yes Yes 1
DragonStiches DeviantArt Yes Yes 36
Dragonbreeder92 DeviantArt Yes Yes 178
Dragonfang FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Dragongirlmaura FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
DrakenByte E-mail Yes Yes 1
Dreamerwolf E-mail Yes Yes 3
DresdenComplex FurAffinity Yes Yes 15
Duck3lover Suspended Account No No 1
EchoSwiftpaws E-mail Yes Yes 47
Eddie-chan DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Effloresense E-mail Yes Yes 4
Emmers E-mail Yes Yes 1
Emmiewithacape E-mail Yes No 1
Emrys E-mail No No 0
Etsumi Proxy No Yes 59
Euro FurAffinity Yes No 10
ExplorerFam FurAffinity Yes No 1
Faebastet FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Feathyr FurAffinity Yes No 5
Fenria FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
FleztheDrusky FurAffinity Yes No 2
Flicka ChickenSmoothie Yes Yes 46
Fluffyyip Forum Yes Yes 2
Foxraggs DeviantArt Yes Yes 6
Frosted-Melody DeviantArt Yes Yes 10
FullNekoAlchemist FurAffinity Yes No 1
Fuzzydiceproductions FurAffinity Yes Yes 8
GardenToaster FurAffinity Yes Yes 28
Gargoyale FurAffinity Yes No 1
Gdhusali E-mail No Yes 1
Ghost-foundling DeviantArt Yes No 1
Glassings E-mail Yes No 1
Glowyrm FurAffinity Yes No 1
Golden. FurAffinity Yes Yes 10
GossamerCrane FurAffinity Yes Yes 4
Gothiic E-mail Yes Yes 1
Gravewalker FurAffinity Yes No 1
Gunpowdercat DeviantArt Yes No 1
GwenBloodmoon E-mail Yes Yes 4
HEthegoose Forums No No 8
Hailey E-mail No No 1
Halofuturefriends E-mail No Yes 15
HanaKitty FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Hartcroven E-mail No No 0
Hawkpelt94 DeviantArt Yes Yes 32
Hayluwolf DeviantArt Yes No 1
HeartWolfdragon FurAffinity Yes No 1
Hekomi E-mail Yes Yes 26
HetaliaFan621 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
HollyAnn FurAffinity Yes Yes 14
HopefulMonsterStudio DeviantArt Yes Yes 7
HybridCat E-mail Yes Yes 0
Ibloo FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
ImperialEnchantress DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
Inexplicablemyst DeviantArt Yes No 1
InfernoKin FurAffinity Yes Yes 10
Inuhanyouneko Proxy No Yes 3
Irime FurAffinity Yes No 1
Ishaway DeviantArt Yes No 1
Izzyhusky DeviantArt Yes No 1
Jaderose DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
Jayaxer DeviantArt No No 1
JazzBerryJam FurAffinity Yes Yes 38
Jbayless6 E-mail Yes Yes 1
Jelly-Beans FurAffinity Yes No 5
Joelouisvachon E-mail Yes Yes 1
JonathanTheBerserker DeviantArt Yes No 1
Juguer830 E-mail Yes Yes 2
Jyris FurAffinity Yes No 1
KV1NN4 FurAffinity No Yes 17
Kai-Nimura E-mail Yes Yes 52
KaidaSnow E-mail No Yes 2
Kaiemu DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
KaiyaDemon DeviantArt Yes Yes 7
Karannia FurAffinity Yes Yes 90
Kardi E-mail Yes Yes 37
KarmaWolf FurAffinity Yes No 1
KatMoonlight DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
Kateliana DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
Katmomma DeviantArt Yes No 1
KawaiiAdelle E-mail Yes No 2
KawaiyAngel FurAffinity Yes No 1
Kazicael Forums No No 0
Kazul E-mail Yes Yes 1
KeeperofDreams FurAffinity Yes No 1
KeganSlayer DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Kelo. FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
KenzieVVBaby E-mail Yes Yes 2
Kiesensmoke DeviantArt Yes Yes 16
Kilted-Menace DeviantArt Yes No 1
Kima FurAffinity Yes No 3
Kisaaoi E-mail Yes Yes 7
Kitaronicus DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
Kitfixxies FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
Kitishane Forums Yes Yes 24
Kittoradra E-mail Yes Yes 2
Kkalan DeviantArt Yes No 1
KoalconQueso DeviantArt Yes No 2
Kodathefox FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Koiley Forums Yes Yes 3
Kojoten E-mail Yes Yes 13
Krakenswyrms E-mail Yes Yes 1
Krin0 FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Kuduwad E-mail Yes No 14
Kurokodairu45 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Kvan87 DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
Kyoga Proxy No Yes 7
Kyuubiryu DeviantArt Yes Yes 17
Lab-rats DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
Laharlx FurAffinity Yes Yes 31
LarkspurDragon DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
Lastres0rt E-mail Yes Yes 1
Lawfulnice FurAffinity Yes No 1
LeidyRose Forum Yes Yes 57
Leif E-mail No No 0
Leurai DeviantArt Yes Yes 10
Lilizwingli E-mail Yes Yes 1
LillyMoonSuits DeviantArt Yes No 1
Linden-Furaito DeviantArt Yes Yes 38
Lixeon FurAffinity Yes Yes 6
LizSan FurAffinity Yes Yes 6
Lizardbug7 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Lizziedanzig E-mail Yes Yes 1
Llynstein E-mail Yes Yes 1
LucilliaLunar FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
Luckychance02 FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Lunar-Blaze2 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Lupaloveless FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Madigan308 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Magicalflyingsquid DeviantArt Yes No 1
Magicmunster FurAffinity Yes No 5
Mai-Corgi DeviantArt Yes No 1
Maily968 DeviantArt No No 1
MarieBlack07 E-mail Yes Yes 1
Masuze FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Mayana E-mail Yes Yes 4
Megami FurAffinity Yes No 1
Meggybeats DeviantArt Yes No 1
Meizakat DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
Mellencollie FurAffinity Yes No 4
Mellycollie FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Melodium FurAffinity Yes Yes 0
Mercutio E-mail Yes Yes 17
Mew-trainer-rose DeviantArt Yes Yes 6
Midnight114 DeviantArt Yes No 1
Mike-son E-mail Yes Yes 1
MischievousMinx FurAffinity Yes Yes 61
Miscombob DeviantArt No No 1
Missmab FurAffinity Yes Yes 35
Mistershentiger FurAffinity Yes No 1
MistiCat DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
MommaHen FurAffinity Yes No 2
Monles DeviantArt Yes No 1
MonsterMeds DeviantArt Yes No 1
MoonBlossom FurAffinity Yes Yes 6
Moongara Forums Yes Yes 60
Moosee FurAffinity Yes Yes 24
Mord-acious DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Morticia FurAffinity Yes No 1
Mosaicsgrace FurAffinity Yes Yes 4
MoustacheMan Proxy No Yes 2
MoxieHusky FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
Mrs-vermin FurAffinity Yes No 3
Multiple voices E-mail Yes Yes 7
Munk-Munk DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
MysticSabreonic FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
MythicFables FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Nanorat DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
Nashida FurAffinity Yes Yes 9
Nekogirlcloud FurAffinity Yes No 7
Nevask FurAffinity Yes Yes 6
Nightheart E-mail Yes Yes 2
Nikki102898 DeviantArt Yes No 1
NomadTaisteal E-mail No Yes 6
Not-fun FurAffinity Yes No 1
Nytshaed E-mail Yes Yes 15
Octopus Eyes E-mail Yes Yes 4
Ookamiichi08 FurAffinity Yes Yes 13
Orangexfyre E-mail Yes Yes 3
Origamigryphon E-mail Yes Yes 0
OrionAsari DeviantArt Yes No 1
Osiristhejackal FurAffinity Yes No 1
Osteoh DeviantArt No No 0
PaintedWolf DeviantArt Yes No 2
Pandabear518 DeviantArt Yes Yes 419
Panderhoopins FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Pandoras-island E-mail Yes Yes 3
Patchycat10 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Patenth DeviantArt Yes No 1
Piecreature FurAffinity No No 1
PikachuLover888 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
PixieJar FurAffinity Yes No 1
Ponygirl FurAffinity Yes Yes 53
PoppehChi DeviantArt Yes Yes 14
Poppycorn Forums No No 1
PoprockGrey Suspended Account Yes Yes 2
Professor-Who DeviantArt Yes Yes 4
Punky E-mail Yes Yes 3
Quotingmungo FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
RadarNocturn FurAffinity No Yes 9
Radarcat DeviantArt No No 0
Ramzin DeviantArt Yes No 1
Randomvanilla E-mail Yes Yes 1
Raven Rayne E-mail Yes No 1
RayaMantayo FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
RazBryRcn64 FurAffinity Yes No 2
ReaperBlueEyes FurAffinity Yes No 1
Redribbonblack E-mail Yes Yes 1
Remygryph E-mail No No 0
Renmom E-mail Yes Yes 5
Renzey FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Retrogrademercurii DeviantArt No No 0
RexAlex FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Rhigashi Proxy No Yes 1
Ricorn195 FurAffinity Yes Yes 9
Rinrin1987 DeviantArt Yes Yes 21
RisendeCabre DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
Rivernuri E-mail Yes Yes 18
Rosafay FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
Rrilltrae E-mail Yes Yes 87
Rubieetallyn DeviantArt Yes No 3
Runzi333 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
RyukaK FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
RyuuYouki FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Saiyawolf FurAffinity Yes Yes 24
SaltyPuppy FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
Sampatico DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
SandySchreiber DeviantArt Yes Yes 52
SarahMowWolf FurAffinity No No 0
Sardanjen FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Satchen DeviantArt Yes Yes 6
Sciggles FurAffinity Yes Yes 9
Scootchadoodle E-mail Yes Yes 3
Scoundrelle FurAffinity Yes No 3
Screamybutt FurAffinity Yes Yes 10
ScrumblingInk DeviantArt Yes No 1
Sedoris DeviantArt Yes Yes 4
Sera FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Serp FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
Shadow-Lockheed DeviantArt Yes Yes 6
ShadowCat E-mail Yes Yes 7
Shadowfox99 FurAffinity Yes No 1
ShadraAvro FurAffinity Yes Yes 48
Shaggygriffon DeviantArt Yes No 1
Sheiden FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Shinkei-Shinto DeviantArt Yes No 16
Shinsetsu FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Shinyfox92 E-mail Yes Yes 6
Shiverbug DeviantArt Yes No 23
ShyCrestedGirl Suspended Account No No 10
ShySkunkShaman E-mail Yes Yes 10
Silver-the-wyrm FurAffinity Yes No 2
Sithyfox FurAffinity Yes No 3
Sivenom FurAffinity Yes Yes 3
Ska FurAffinity Yes No 1
Skulldog DeviantArt Yes Yes 2
SkyTea FurAffinity Yes Yes 61
SleepyAsh E-mail Yes No 26
SonerWolf E-mail Yes No 1
Sorakirin FurAffinity Yes Yes 24
Sparklysalad Suspended Account No No 0
SpazOtter FurAffinity Yes No 2
Spiced-Rum FurAffinity Yes Yes 4
Sprocketsdance E-mail Yes Yes 5
Spudzy E-mail Yes Yes 1
Sssage FurAffinity Yes Yes 4
Starneko DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Suichuun E-mail Yes Yes 4
SundanceWolf FurAffinity Yes No 1
Sungodbat FurAffinity Yes Yes 23
Suntail E-mail Yes Yes 13
SuzanneR FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Symmetricowl E-mail Yes Yes 2
TYLS95 FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
Tailic DeviantArt Yes Yes 16
Talakestreal FurAffinity Yes No 2
TamaraRose FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
TaruCat FurAffinity Yes No 5
Tawny224 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Teal120 DeviantArt Yes Yes 7
TheCrossCrafter DeviantArt Yes No 1
TheFishyDogs DeviantArt Yes Yes 5
TheScarecrow FurAffinity Yes No 1
Thegaybiscuit FurAffinity Yes No 1
Thenightsillusion DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
Thessur DeviantArt Yes Yes 3
Thiefling DeviantArt Yes No 1
Tigristhelynx DeviantArt Yes Yes 13
TimeChaser FurAffinity Yes No 1
Tomkins Proxy No Yes 4
ToraTheMaestro FurAffinity Yes Yes 134
Tristangreyfox FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
Twillowkins DeviantArt Yes No 2
TwistedCheshire FurAffinity Yes Yes 4
Tygerartz Forums Yes Yes 3
Tyreenya FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
Tyrrlin FurAffinity Yes Yes 55
Unyko FurAffinity Yes Yes 14
Veggeh DeviantArt Yes Yes 14
Vika E-mail Yes No 1
VinnVanGogh FurAffinity Yes No 1
VirusSector FurAffinity Yes No 2
Vixenification FurAffinity Yes No 1
Vurren FurAffinity Yes Yes 9
WanEcc FurAffinity Yes No 1
Warriorcatz2256 DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
WhiteWolfSin FurAffinity Yes No 4
Whitetailmoon FurAffinity Yes No 5
Wildhorse027 FurAffinity Yes Yes 5
Wilow FurAffinity Yes No 1
Windfalcon DeviantArt Yes Yes 1
Windowsapologist DeviantArt Yes Yes 6
Windyfursuits FurAffinity Yes No 1
Wolfmoon09 FurAffinity Yes Yes 1
WorgenPrince FurAffinity Yes No 30
Wtfarzus DeviantArt Yes No 1
Wuffyscruffs FurAffinity Yes No 2
Www.PandaBear E-mail Yes Yes 1
XXRedSageXx FurAffinity Yes No 0
Xaara FurAffinity Yes No 8
Xantaria Forums Yes Yes 28
Xen-Strange E-mail Yes Yes 10
XiaoMao FurAffinity Yes Yes 2
Xilvyre E-mail Yes No 2
YearofDragon FurAffinity Yes Yes 50
Zaaralith92 E-mail Yes Yes 1
Zero-Dusk DeviantArt Yes No 1
Zhycalui DeviantArt Yes No 1
Zili FurAffinity Yes Yes 20
ZombieFoxie FurAffinity Yes Yes 3