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Found on: DeviantArt
Also found on: FurAffinity
Also found on: Mail Link
Contact: May be contacted during breeding season.
Registration: This handler has a fully registered account and may breed their Wyrms.


Notes: When registered, currently unnamed Tatterwing should have an effective -1 breeding from the 2013 Summer Wyrm Breeding Season.



Store Credit: None

Breeding Tokens:
Token Gender.png Token Trait.png Token Glow.png Token Color.png Token Breeding.png Token 2x.png Token Horn.png Token Choice.png Token Baby.png


Name Gender Thumbnail Species Type Breed Breedings Available
Artemis Male Artemis icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Common Forest Wyrm Plumed Gem Hunter NONE
Caoin Caomhnoir Male Caoin Caomhnoir icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Mountain Wyrm Growler 8
Dr. Sexy M.D. Male Dr. Sexy M.D. icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Zhong Lung Wyrm Imperial Fu NONE
Hiccup Male Hiccup icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Hybrid Wyrm Qui-Wing 7
Limoncello Male Limoncello icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Common Forest Wyrm Leaf Crawler RIP (Deceased)
Mai Female Mai icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Marine Wyrm Angler Eel 9
Pinot Noir Male Pinot Noir icon.png Tea-Cup Wyrm Common Forest Wyrm Mushroom Gatherer RIP (Deceased)