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Wyrmhandler's Guide

This guide is meant to offer lots of information about Wyrms for prospective and current Wyrmhandlers. Wyrms are adorably cute, fuzzy creatures that come in a variety of species (sizes) as well as breeds. The best thing about them, though, is that these are not just online virtual pets. When you adopt, you get an actual Wyrm sent to you with their data-card and egg. Smaller Wyrms can be pinned onto your backpack or clothes and taken with you on your travels, while larger ones prefer to curl around your neck or guard your most treasured possessions. They come in a fantastic array of colors with lots of variations between them. In addition, at certain times of the year, your Wyrms can be bred with those of others to create brand new Wyrms!

Regular Species

Kora.jpg Tea-spoon Wyrms (Rare)

The tiniest of Wyrm species, these little ones measure only about 2-3 inches on average. A group of these were made around 2011, before the start of the game, and were not finished or sold until 2013. They are not breedable, but are a one of a kind collector's item. Some recent additions have been added to the Tea Spoon population, but they remain quite rare.
Ziggy.jpg Baby Wyrms (Uncommon)

Baby Wyrms are only slightly larger than their Tea-Spoon cousins. These Wyrms are usually members of existing breeds, but have a mutation which keeps them from maturing both mentally and physically. They are sterile (non-breedable), but offer an adorably cute addition to anyone's Squirm.
Qintar.jpg Tea-cup Wyrms

The smallest of regular Wyrms, on average 6-8 long. Previously called Pocket Wyrms, these tiny fuzz-balls have a pin on their belly to enable them to ride their handler's shirt, hat, or whatever else they decide to crawl onto. They are cute, fluffy, and pint-sized. Their bodies are soft, have no internal wire structure, and they are sculpted in polymer clay.
Aku.jpg Mini Wyrms (Uncommon)

These Wyrms were previously called Adolescents. They average about 12" long, and prefer wrapping around their handler's wrists to travel. They contain a wire core to enable them to be posed, have semi precious stone eyes, and are sculpted in polymer clay and epoxy.

Minis come in two types: Breedable and Mule. Breedable minis are relatively rare. These include existing breeds as well as some pre-game Wyrms that were approved to be part of the breeding population. Mules are non-breedable but are unique art-dolls that come in a variety of crazy forms. They can be themed after movies, televisions hows, animals, or other randomness entirely that probably doesn't fit in with the rest of the breeding game. We offer these up for sale for handlers who want a one of a kind art piece creation.
Ebony.jpg Standard Wyrms (Rare)

Previously called Adults, these Wyrms average 2' long and are more detailed than the smaller sizes. They are intended to wrap around their handler's neck like a fluffy, cuddly, scarf. They also have the upgraded feature of hand painted glass taxidermy eyes, a padded plush body as well as the upgraded acrylic armature for a durable, poseable, body. Sculpted in polymer clay and epoxy.
Ran.jpg Great Wyrms (Ultra-Rare)

XL and XXL Wyrms, averaging 3-4' long, with glass eyes, larger heads, more ornate tails, and often more complicated fur patterns/materials. Comes standard with upgraded acrylic armature for a durable, poseable, plush body. Sculpted in polymer clay and epoxy.
Quetzacoatl.jpg Leviathan Wyrms (Ultra-Rare)

The largest Wyrm Species offered, Leviathans average 5-6' long, have large, detailed heads, lush feathery tails, and are the most ornate of all Wyrms. Their sheer size and design makes them an impressive sight wrapped around their handlers, or curled around treasured posessions. At this size, glass taxidermy eyes and fully plush body are standard, although an acrylic armature can be added, along with features such as LED lights or sound effects. Sculpted in polymer clay and epoxy. These creatures are truly one of a kind works of art.

How to Adopt

Adopting a new Wyrm can be done in a number of ways. However, we must note that you must be 18+ years of age or have your parent/guardian's permission to adopt or commission a Wyrm. Children under the age of 18 cannot legally enter into a contract, and thus must have parental consent before being able to make a purchase through HopefulMonsterStudios. The following is a list of ways to purchase Wyrms:

  • Go to a convention:
    Visit a convention that Hopeful Monster Studios is attending (you can find a list HERE) and stop by our booth. Tea-Cup Wyrms are usually sold in a blind-draw - where you select an egg-charm, and you don't know exactly what Breed or Type of Wyrm you will be getting, but you have some idea about the colors. There is a bit of a gamble involved, because you never know exactly what you'll get with a Tea-Cup Wyrm, but we promise that they are all adorable! Larger Species are sitting out and just waiting for new owners.
  • Watch us online:
    You can watch for updates and information through our Deviantart or Furaffinity groups. However, the best way to get the most recent information is to join our Forums. Active handlers who participate on the forums will have the first chance at tokens, Wyrms, and other online sales. Tea-Cup Eggs are usually sold on a first-come-first-serve basis when they are posted online. Clutches will most likely be posted to Etsy to handle sales, but some may be sold on Deviantart, Furaffinity, or the Forums. Like with the convention Tea-Cups, you won't know exactly what you're getting. Additionally, sometimes larger Species are sold individually, or auctioned through these groups.
  • Breed a baby:
    During the breeding season, you can as people who already own Wyrms if they will breed their Wyrms together to make a new baby Wyrm for you. For more information on this, please see the tab on Breeding.
  • Commission us:
    Rarely, Hopeful Monster Studios will open/auction commission slots, or waiting list slots. Watch our Deviantart or Furaffinity groups to keep an eye out for slots being opened. These are only for larger Species of Wyrms (sorry, you can't commission a Tea-Cup Wyrm), but it is a great way to get a custom creation from us. These slots are /highly/ sought after when they open, so please be aware that we cannot take every commission, and may refuse a commission if we choose.

Price Guide

Each type of Wyrm has two prices, depending on if it is a bred-baby or not. Bred Wyrms cost slightly more due to the extra work of having to chart the genetics of each Wyrm, as well as working with sometimes more complex combinations of Wyrm genes. The following are the current prices for each of the Wyrm Species. Please note that prices are subject to change depending on the cost of materials. Accepted payment types are: Paypal and Money Orders. If you don't have access to either of these payment methods, you should contact HopefulMonsterStudios prior to making a purchase to see if a different payment method can be arranged.

Convention Wyrm Prices

The following is an estimate of our 'off the shelf' Wyrms which we feature at conventions and online sales. If breedable, they have random genetics created by our sculpting team and are not taken as commissions or customs. Larger creations such as Standards and Great Wyrms are likely to be auction pieces, with the minimum starting bids represented below.

  • Tea-Cup Wyrms: $40 (blind-draw) / $50 (guaranteed uncommon type or uncommon/rare breed)
  • Mini Wyrms: $100+ (Cost varies on complexity.)
  • Standard Wyrms: $150+ (Cost varies on complexity)
  • Great Wyrms: $350+ (Cost varies on complexity)
  • Leviathans: Auction/Ask for Quote (Rarely appears at conventions.)
  • Tokens: $13
  • Handler Chains: $20

Breeding Season Wyrm Prices

The following is an estimate of our Breeding Season Wyrm prices. These are slightly more than convention costs due to the extra time it takes to roll genetics and to do custom sculpts made to resemble the parents and any specific traits that have been requested.

  • Tea-Cup Wyrms: $50 (surcharge of +$5 if the baby rolls wings)
  • Special Mini Wyrms: $135 (This price applies to Royal/Seasonal, Cursed, Blessed, etc. - any donations/fees requested by handlers not included.)
  • Standard Wyrms: $200+ (This is the base price of a standard without any add-ons.)
  • Special Standard Wyrms: $250 (This price applies to Royal/Seasonal, Cursed, Blessed, etc. - any donations/fees requested by handlers not included. )
  • Great Wyrms: $450+ (This price is an estimate.)
  • Leviathan Wyrms: Ask for Quote


(Wyverns are Crossbreeds between Wyrms and Dragons)

  • Wyvern Tea-Cup: $60 (Bred Only)
  • Wyvern Mini: $175 (Bred Only)
  • Wyvern Standard: $300 (Bred Only)

Infected Wyrms

(Infected Wyrms cost slightly more than normal Wyrms when they are created, due to the cost of materials.)

  • Mini Infected Offspring: $95
  • Standard Infected Offspring: $150
  • Great Wyrm Infected Offspring: $350+ (This price is an estimate & depends on skull used.)
  • Leviathan Infected Offspring: Ask for Quote

Fetus Jars

(Fetuses are the result of a Tesla and any normal Wyrm Breed)

  • Shelf-Sitting Display Jar: $50
  • Infected/Fetus Cross: $100

Add ons

  • Tea-cup Wings - $5
  • Mini Wings - $15
  • Standard Wings - $25
  • Great Wyrm Wings - $50
  • Leviathan Wings - Ask for Quote (Will be included in a leviathan cost quote when commissioned.)

Registration Process

Once you've adopted a Wyrm, the next thing to do is make sure they are registered. Registering allows you to show off your Wyrm collection, as well as to have all of their data collected so they are eligible to participate in the Breeding Season. You'll need to register with a Furaffinity or Deviantart account (Deviantart is preferred, so you have a chance to participate in CruinndracFarms events.) When you register, you can choose if you want to be a public breeder (if you want to be contacted by others during the breeding season), but keep in mind that the more Wyrms there are in the breedable population, the more fun the game is for everyone.

To register your Wyrm, have a link to their posted picture (with datacard) from our Deviantart, or have an image of your Wyrm uploaded so we can create a datacard for you. Click here and fill out the form: Registration Link
A list of registered wyrms can be found: Registry Link

Wyrm Terms

The following is a list of some common terms relating to Wyrms and Wyrmhandling:

  • Clutch - A group of wyrms that is hatched together. An entire nest of eggs for adoption at conventions, or a group of eggs posted online, or the babies from a single breeding season, are all considered member of the same clutch.
  • Clutchmates - Wyrms that are hatched in the same group/at the same time. Can also refer to siblings bred from the same parents.
  • Species - Refers to the size of a given Wyrm. The current Species are, in order of size; Teacup, Mini (discontinued, but some still exist in the population), Standard, Great Wyrm, and Leviathan.
  • Type - General catagory of Wyrm
  • Breed - Specific catagory of Wyrm, this classification denotes what the rarity of the Wyrm is
  • BroodWyrm/StudWyrm - Female or Male Wyrm that is part of the breeding population
  • Squirm - A group of Wyrms that may or may not be related/clutchmates. This can refer to a handler's group of Wyrms, a number of Wyrms gathered with their handlers at a convention or event, or a group of Wyrms "in the wild."
  • Squiggle - The motion by which most Wyrms move, which has been described by some as a combination of inchworm, snake, and ferret. Rapid squiggling often involves a sort of hopping, bouncing motion.
  • Preening - Also known as grooming, this is often what a Wyrm will do to a prospective mate to gauge their interest. Extra long furred Wyrms spend quite a bit of time preening their fur, to prevent matting and knots and to keep themselves looking their best to impress potential mates.
  • Floofing - The act of fluffing up ones fur to the maximum amount of poofiness, to make the Wyrm look larger. Typically an aggression or defensive behavior, males are often seen Floofing at each other when competing for the attention of a single female. Wyrms also Floof when startled or nervous.
  • Meep/Merp - The word used to describe the most common Wyrm vocalization, which sounds like a bit like a chirp, followed by a purring noise. Other sounds include chittering, peeping, or growling.
  • Whuffle - Considered an extreme act of trust/bonding with their handler, this is when a Wyrm goes nose to snout with their human handler and exchanges breath with them. Similar to cats snuffling and breathing at each other in close contact, it signifies a Wyrm's trust in their handler, and a feeling of safety and contentment, and affection.
  • Heartmates - Two Wyrms that are "soulbonded" to one another. This is a VERY rare occurrence, and is noted on a Wyrm's info card by a half heart icon on the back of the card with a word inside. This word is a combination of the two Wyrm's soul-names, typically with the female's name first, followed by the male's. Once a Wyrm finds their Heartmate, any breedings with that mate will result in some special, random characteristics. It is worth noting that the Heartmate characteristic is NOT hereditary, nor is it a genetic trait that may be passed on. It is a very rare, totally random trait assigned to two Wyrms during their creation. These mates may be from the same clutch, or they may be from separate clutches. There is NO way of knowing ahead of time, and NO way of predicting which Wyrms will carry the trait. (IE, don't request, beg, complain, or whine that your Wyrm doesn't have this trait. Don't ask when your Wyrm's Heartmate will show up. Dont suggest what type/breed/color you'd like the Heartmate to be. This is a random assignment of a trait by HopefulMonsterStudios, and can NOT be forced/changed/influenced)

Trait List

Due to some Wyrms having quite a few different Traits, after August of 2012, Cruinndrac Farms switched to using some abbreviations for the Wyrm's traits. The following is a list of the current traits, their meanings, and their usual default values (if not a bred-baby).

NOTE: Traits marked as Supernatural may not inherit using standard genetics and/or have unusual effects when bred to certain configurations. Any trait marked as Supernatural cannot be Trait Charmed.

Code Name Description Breeds Default
A Antlers The 'Antlers' trait represents large, split horns which extend back from a Wyrm's head. Usually seen on the Imperial Fu breed. Imperial Fu xX
An Antennae Forward facing sensory organs typically seen on fairy wyrms. Crinkler, Flutterling xx
Av Avian The 'Avian' trait represents bird-like qualities, which can include a beak and/or feather detailing along the face. Usually seen on Avian type Wyrms. Passer, Parrot, Hunter, Fantasy XX
B Banding The 'Banding' trait represents a swirl or mix of colors on the face of a Wyrm. Usually seen on most Marine type Wyrms. Angler Eel, Spiny Puffer XX
Bl Blind The 'Blind' trait shows that the Wyrm in question is blind. This is shown with chibi style eyes (ex. ^.^) or white colored eyes. Usually seen on the Gao-Xing breed. Any XX
Bw Benign White The 'Benign White' trait represents white splotches which usually occur around the eyes or muzzle of a Wyrm. Any XX or xX
C Crystal The 'Crystal' trait represents one or more crystals which are part of the Wyrm's facial characteristics. Usually seen on Crystal type Wyrms. Swirl Snout, Platinum Point, Jewel Horn, Resplendent Fantail, Zilla, Acid Leaper, Plumed Gem Hunter XX
Ca Canine The 'Canine' trait represents various canine features, such as an elongated muzzle/snout. Usually seen on Canine type Wyrms. Domestic Dog, Wild Dog XX
Cr Crest The 'Crest' trait represents various types of facial cresting, which expresses across the Wyrm's forehead. Resplendent Fantail xX
Cw Clockwork The 'Clockwork' trait represents the addition of various pieces of clockwork in the construction of a Wyrm. These Wyrms are not alive, but are clockwork automatons. Only seen on Tesla type Wyrms. Tarnished, Silver, Gold, Copper, Antique, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Platinum XX
D Dilute The 'Dilute' trait is shown by modifying the color of a Wyrm. Dilute Wyrms often appear as washed out versions of their original colors with gray eyes. Any XX
Da Dapple The 'Dapple' trait represents colorful spotting across the features of a Wyrm. This is similar to the Speckled trait, but does not require Benign White to display. Any xX
DE Double Eyes The 'Double Eyes' trait represents a wyrm which has more than one set of eyes. Prism Strikehorn, Chilo xx
DL Dot Line The 'Dot Line' trait is shown in a series of small dots that usually run from the eyes down along the muzzle of the Wyrm. Any xX
DM Dark Magic SUPERNATURAL - A trait associated with the Sluagh variety of Wyrms. Can cause fatal/horrific results when cross-bred away from double-dominant. Kelpie, Bloodwing, Wyld Hound, Redcap XX
E Eyestalks The 'Eyestalks' trait represents two stalks which appear on a Wyrm's head with an additional set of eyes. Usually seen on the Hairy Nudibranch breed. Hairy Nudibranch xX
Er Ears The 'Ears' trait represents any style of small ears. Usually seen on Feline type Wyrms. Domestic Cat, Wild Cat xX
F Feelers The 'Feelers' trait represents small, string-like feelers which usually protrude from a Wyrm's muzzle.. Spiny Sand Sifter (Retired Breed) xx
Fa Fan A hybrid trait crossed-over from dragon lineages. This represents an extension of the plating up around the head in a circular fan. Wyverns xX
Fe Feline The 'Feline' trait represents a generally feline appearance, with a cat-like muzzle and forward-facing eyes. Usually seen on Feline type Wyrms. Domestic Cat, Wild Cat XX
FLE Floppy Ears The 'Floppy Ears' trait represents a breed of Wyrms with long, expressive, motile ears. Usually seen on the Growler and Shrieker breeds. Growler, Shrieker xx
Fn Fin The 'Fin' trait represents a fin on the crest of the head. (Retired Trait) Bright Darter (Retired variation) xx
Fr Frost The 'Frost' gene usually shows as a splotch of sparkly white or color across a Wyrm's face and muzzle. Any xx
G Glow/Glow Markings SUPERNATURAL - The 'Glow' trait is considered a 'magic' trait, and shows in a Wyrm's face as glow-in-the-dark. In many cases, this is also represented by black facial markings. Glow does not inherit by strict genetics. Offspring of glow-Wyrms carry the glow magic for a a few generations before it fades out, if not bred back to another Wyrm with Glow. Any xx
Gl Gills The 'Gills' trait is represented by gill markings on either side of the head representing the ability to breath in water environments. Usually seen on Marine type Wyrms. Bright Darter xX
Gr Gray Factor The 'Gray Factor' trait is a modifier to a Wyrm's base color. It causes the Wyrm's base color to appear slightly grayed out. This usually occurs in Feline and Canine type Wyrms. Any xx
Gm Gem The 'Gem' trait represents a Wyrm who has a gemstone, usually on their forehead. These gemstones can be used to harness magical energies. Stone Wyrms: Lapis, Peridot, Quartz, Pietersite xX
H Horns The 'Horns' trait represents a Wyrm with one of any number of horn styles. These can be single horns, double horns, or small facial horns. A Wyrm may only have one type of horn without the use of a Horn Charm. Tunneler, Horned Wood Borer, Mushroom Gatherer, Plumed Gem Hunter, Swirl Snout, Platinum Point, Jewel Horn, Qui-lin, Jiao-Di, Gao-Xing, Frostibou, Moss Hoarder, Glacier Eater, Strikehorn, Bloodwing, Tatterwing, Glimmerwing, Tarnished, Silver, Gold, Copper, Antique, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Platinum XX
Hq Harlequin The 'Harlequin' trait represents a Wyrm with two colors dominant on their face. Often seen with the Heterochromia trait. Any xx
Ht Heterochromia The 'Heterochromia' trait represents a Wyrm that has two colors of eyes. Usually seen on the Swirl Snout breed. Any xx
IS Ink Spot The 'Ink Spot' trait appears as splotches of black coloration that usually appears around the eyes or muzzle of an individual Wyrm. It is different from Pitch Black in that it has no magical qualities and is not harmful to the Wyrm. Any xX or XX
L Lure The 'Lure' trait represents a Wyrm with a small, glowing lure. Usually seen on the Angler Eel breed. Angler Eel xX
La Lace The 'Lace' trait represents a Wyrm with swirling white markings across their features. This is a lethal gene, which means that there may be unpleasant mutations if bred to 'XX'. Any xX
LL Leylines SUPERNATURAL - A set of swirling patterns that appear on the Wyrm's skin. This is a representation of that Wyrm's close ties to light magic. Cannot appear alongside 'Pitch Black'. Any (No Sluagh) xx
M Metallic Factor The 'Metallic Factor' trait that modifies the base color of a Wyrm. It adds a metallic coloration over any base. Only seen on Tesla type Wyrms. Tarnished, Silver, Gold, Copper, Antique, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Platinum xx
Ma Markings The 'Markings' trait represents a series of colorful markings on the Wyrm's face. Acid Leaper, Zilla xx
Mc Multicolored The 'Multicolored' trait modifies the base-color of a Wyrm. The face and/or body may display various colors. Usually seen in the Hairy Nudibranch breed. Any xx
Msk Mask Band of contrasting color across the wyrms eyes in an uninterrupted line. Tufted Treebe XX
Nb Ear Nubs The 'Ear Nubs' trait represents small ear-like protrusions. Snow Snarler xX
P Plating The 'Plating' trait represents one of many styles of facial plating. Some examples: a Leaf Crawler's 'leaf' plates, a Growler's ridge-like plates, and an Imperial Fu's flat plates. A Wyrm may only have one type of plating at a time. Leaf Crawler, Mushroom Gatherer, Horned Wood Borer, Plumed Gem Hunter, Growler, Tunneler, Jewel Horn, Platinum Point, Imperial Fu XX
PB Pitch Black The 'Pitch Black' trait is a type of magical trait which shows in swirls of black across the Wyrm's face. This is a form of dark magic, and when bred to 'XX' produces a sterile, monstrous offspring which seeks to bring bad dreams to the world. Cannot occur with Leylines. Any xX
Pi Piebald The 'Piebald' trait gives the wyrm a mottled sort of color, often blending more than one shade across many aspects of the entire Wyrm. It can have marbled plating, face, eyes, etc. Any xx
Pl Plume The 'Plume' trait represents feathered plumage. This can be around the head or tail of the Wyrm. Usually seen in rare breeds. Imperial Fu, Plumed Gem Hunter, Jiao-di, Resplendent Fantail, Hairy Nudibranch xx
Rt Rust The 'Rust" trait represents Tarnished, Silver, Gold, Copper, Antique, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Platinum xX
S Spines The 'Spines' trait represents small horn-like structures on the face of the Wyrm, usually across the nose or forehead. Usually seen on the Zilla or Spiny Puffer breeds. Snow Snarler, Spiny Puffer, Zilla xX
Sp Speckled The 'Speckled' trait represents a Wyrm with colorful spotting across the expression of their Benign White or Ink Spot markings. This only appears in conjunction with Benign White or Ink Spot, and will never appear by itself. Any xX
Spo Spore SUPERNATURAL - The 'Spore' trait represents a Wyrm with white spotting across its plating. This will only appear on wyrms that have the Plating trait or similar markings. This is trait means that he wyrm is susceptible to a specific sort of fungal infection, which if allowed to run rampant, can take over the wyrm's body and mind. Any (Must have plating trait or similar 'hard' markings) xX
Ss Stoneskin The 'Stoneskin' trait modifies a Wyrm's base color. It creates a mottled, stone-like appearance on the Wyrm's skin. Usually appears on Stone type Wyrms. Stone Wyrms: Lapis, Peridot, Quartz, Pietersite xx
St Stinger The 'Stinger' trait represents a Wyrm with a small, colorful stinger at the end of its tail. Usually seen on the Shrieker breed. Shrieker xx
Tf Tailfin Multicolored aquatic fin. Bright Darter, Muckmack xx
TM Tribal Markings SUPERNATURAL - Markings exclusive to HiMo Growler clans made with juice from the Red Bane berry, toxic to non-HiMo. Growler (High Mountain) xx
TN True Nature SUPERNATURAL - A dark magic trait, this Wyrm has a dual nature, luring prey by appearing kind while secretly hiding a horrific secret. Kelpie xx
Tu Tufts Similar to antennae, only backwards facing. Dual tufts of feathers sprouting from the wyrms head. Tufted Treebe xX
U Underbite The 'Underbite' trait represents a Wyrm a pronounced lower jaw, usually with teeth/fangs. Usually seen on the Angler Eel or Tatterwing breeds. Angler Eel, Tatterwing, Bloodwing XX
W Wings The 'Wings' trait represents a Wyrm with either feathered, draconic, or fairy-styled wings. Usually seen on Avian or Fairy type Wyrms. Tatterwing, Crinkler, Flutterling, Glimmerwing, Bloodwing, Passer, Parrot, Hunter, Fantasy xX
Ws Waterskin A trait that causes semi-translucent skin tone on aquatic predators. Muckmack xX
XLE Extra Large Ears The 'Extra Large Ears' trait represents a Wyrm with large, dog-like ears. Usually seen on Canine type Wyrms. Domestic Dog, Wild Dog xX

Mutation List

Wyrms may have a number of mutations which they are born with. These are not considered Traits and a handler may not use a token to influence these mutations occurring. There is a higher chance if both parents have the mutation for offspring to carry it, but exact percentages are not public knowledge.

NOTE: This page is a WIP (Work in Progress). Descriptions need to be approved by HopefulMonster before becoming official.

Code Name Description
* Flamepoint The 'Flamepoint' mutation causes a wyrm to have a body color that fades across the length of the body.
** Two Tone The 'Two Tone' mutation causes a wyrm to appear to have two different body colors.
*** Glow Plating The 'Glow Plating' mutation occurs on glow wyrms (and their offspring) causing a variation of the Plating trait.
« Glass The 'Glass' mutation causes a wyrm to have swirled patterns of translucent across their face.
Body Color The 'Body Color' mutation causes a wyrm that has a default body (black/white/gray) to instead appear with a colored body.
Eye Color The 'Eye Color' mutation causes a wyrm colored eyes. (This does not appear on Felines, Canines or Avians which have eye color naturally.)
a Albino The 'Albino' mutation causes a wyrm to appear entirely white, with pale pink eyes.
h Hairless The 'Hairless' mutation causes a wyrm to have little to no hair on their body.
g Gem Skin The 'Gem Skin' mutation occurs on certain wyrms, causing their appearance to resemble a gemstone.
le Leucistic The 'Leucistic' mutation causes a wyrm to appear entirely white, with blue shell eyes.
m Melanistic The 'Melanistic' mutation causes a wyrm to appear entirely black. Eye-color can vary.
q Quartzite The 'Quartzite' mutation causes a wyrm to have swirls of color similar to quartz on their face.
t Throwback The 'Throwback' mutation causes a wyrm to appear as a pre-historic version of their breed.

Basic Grooming

Repair Guide

Wyrms are fragile creatures, so if you are a bit rough with them, they may end up needing some repairs down the line. In general, you can find good information about tools and services offered by visiting the thread linked below. It has links and information about the tools and materials we use during our repair process. In the case of damage, there are three options you have for repairs:

1. Attempt to repair the damage yourself.

2. Approach us at a convention to request Wyrm service (see prices below).

3. Contact us via the 'Casa WyrmSpa' thread on the forums.

Complementary Services

  • Horn Secure - We will re-secure a horn that has popped out so long as you still have the horn and there is no other damage.
  • Missing Shiny - We will replace a missing crystal so long as there is no other damage.
  • Pin Attachment - Your wyrm did not come with a pin and you want one attached.

Basic Services ($5.00 each)

  • Horn Prosthetic - Horn popped out cleanly, but was lost and needs replacement.
  • Partial Makeup - Minor touch ups to painted markings.
  • Small Feather Prosthetic - Replace lost or damaged single feather plumes.

Advanced Services ($10.00 each)

  • Drill & Fill - Horn broken off in head/needs dremeling & replacement.
  • Full Makeup - Extensive touch ups to painted markings.
  • Large Feather Prosthetic - Replace lost or damaged butt plumes.
  • Faux Feather Prosthetic - Replacing feather plumes with felt feathers.
  • Tesla Repair - Patch up or re-attach broken parts with tesla repaired clockwork.

Glade Rebirth (Custom/Bred Wyrm Price)

There are times when a Wyrm is simply too damaged to repair by normal means. At this point, it is up to the handler if they want to love the Wyrm with their battle scars, or if they want to seek out the creation of a new 'shell' for their Wyrm. Rebirth costs the price of the Wyrm as if it were made during a breeding season, as it has to be done custom. These are only taken on a case by case basis. More information on this can be found on the 'Casa WyrmSpa' thread link.

Other Services

Other services not outlined above are taken on a case by case basis and priced depending on the effort of the repair.



There are multiple different breeding seasons in a year, please see the forums for information on any upcoming breeding seasons.
When a breeding season is approaching, Wyrm handlers should contact other handlers who have breed-able Wyrms to arrange Stud or Brood Wyrm agreements (See the tab for Stud/Brood Wyrms). Interested parties can also contact the handlers of Stud and Brood Wyrms they do not own and try to arrange a breeding to get an egg for themselves. Given that all Wyrms have a finite number of times they are able to be fertile, it's in a handlers best interest to plan their breedings carefully. Once a handler has found an appropriate mate for their Wyrm, the handler must contact Cruinndrac Farms, put in a breeding request, and pay the breeding/hatching fee. This is usually done by commenting on the journal post which announces the opening of the breeding season (this will be posted to both Furaffinity and Deviantart). Please do not contact us before the start of the breeding season.

At this time, Cruinndrac Farms will chart the genetics of both parent Wyrms, 'breed' the two together, and a new Wyrm will be hatched. The resulting offspring belongs to whomever pays the breeding fee, and will usually be hatched and shipped within one month of the breeding. Breeding season lasts for 1 week (7 days) and all breeding requests must be made within that time, or wait until the next breeding season. To ensure that all requests are legitimate, BOTH owners/handlers of the Wyrms involved in the breeding must confirm that they agree to the breeding. Wyrms must be Registered to be eligible to breed. To register your wyrm, please fill out the following form: Registration Link

Special cases:

  • Twins - Twins are determined by a random roll of the dice. There is a chance with any tea-cup breeding of producing twins, but it is all up to luck.
  • Clutchmates - In each breeding, both the Stud and Brood Wyrm owners can get a hatchling from the same pair. This only uses up one breeding for both parent Wyrms. The genetics of each hatchling will be determined separately. These will not be twins, but clutchmates and may have different colors and features. The owners may choose to have these Wyrms for themselves, or may choose to let someone else receive the clutchmate. Each person receiving a hatchling must pay a separate fee, however.
  • Breeding "Up" - Normally, most Wyrms are bred to other Wyrms of their own Species (size). However, a Wyrm can be bred "up" one size. This means that one parent must be a larger Species of Wyrm and that the hatchling will also be the larger Species of Wyrm (with the higher cost). It is easier for us to produce larger, more detailed Wyrms than it is to transfer the details of a larger Wyrm to a smaller Species. Example: A Tea-cup Wyrm could bred up to a Standard. A Standard can be bred up to a Great Wyrm. (etc. etc.) Under some very special circumstances (Size Tokens, etc.) a Wyrm may be able to breed "up" more than one size, but this is quite rare.
  • Minis and Mutts - Minis are a discontinued Species of Wyrm. The remaining Wyrms of this Species may be bred 'up' to a Standard, or 'down' to a Tea-Cup. In the case of the 'Mutt' Mini Variety, the genetics will be somewhat random when they are bred (based on appearance), and the result of any breeding with a 'Mutt' Wyrm will be another another of the 'Mutt' variety in one of the current Species (Tea-cup or Standard).


This section is meant to describe a little bit about Wyrm genetics, and how you can selectively breed for certain colors that you're looking for, or get an idea of what sort of outcomes you would get from a breeding.

Each Wyrm has a six-letter genetic code. Let's begin with an example pair of Wyrms:

  • Male Wyrm: rRyYbb (an orange wyrm).
  • Female Wyrm: RRyybB (a reddish-purple Wyrm)

Each two-letter combination represents whether or not the Wyrm has dominant or recessive for a specific color. Dominant (upper-case letters) colors will show, where as recessive (lower-case letters) will not.

  • r/R = Red
  • y/Y = Yellow
  • b/B = Blue

The colors mix like you would imagine that they would in the real world. If you have a Red and a Yellow, the Wyrm is orange. If you have Red and Blue the baby is Purple. Some special cases are listed below:

  • rryybb = White
  • RRYYBB = Black
  • rRyYbB = Brown

When you consider the genetics of each Wyrm, the different color genes are evaluated separately. So, for our example pair above, when we look at their genes for red, we see that the Male Wyrm is (rR) and the Female Wyrm is (RR). When they are bred together, the genes are charted like this:

 -| r  -| R  -|
R| rR | RR |
R| rR | RR |

So, you can see that there is a 50% chance of the baby being (rR), and a 50% chance of it being (RR). To determine the outcome, Hopeful Monster Studios will roll a four-sided die, and the outcome it lands on is the one you get. The same sort of charting is done for the Yellow, and Blue genes. The end result of the charting and dice rolling is a new genetic code for the baby Wyrm. In the case of our two parents, the babies would have any of the following genetics (based on chance):

  • rRyybb (pink)
  • rRyYbb (orange)
  • rRyYbB (Brown)
  • rRyybB (Purple)
  • RRyybb (red)
  • RRyYbb (red-orange)
  • RRyYbB (red-brown)
  • RRyybB (red-purple)


  • A genetically Black Wyrm (RRYYBB) will usually only breed a Black offspring if the other parent Wyrm is also Black (RRYYBB). It will not always show full dominance when bred with Wyrms who have other colors.
  • There are a few traits which may change the way a Wyrm's color appears. The most common of these is the Dilute trait, which makes the Wyrm's primary color look pale/washed out/or white.

The same chart as shown above for color can be used to help determine traits.
You can also try to run a possible Wyrm pairing through our Wyrm Mixer to get possible results.

Stud/Brood Wyrms

Usually, it is as simple as asking the owner of another Wyrm if you can arrange a breeding with one of their Wyrms. For those with uncommon or rare types of Wyrms, however, the owner may wish to request a Stud or Brood Wyrm Fee to other handlers who wish to use their Wyrm for breedings. This is by no means required, and most people will be more than happy to arrange breedings with other Wyrm owners. Ideally, when there is a fee, it should be minor. It can be in the form of a small drawing, a story, some DA points, a couple of dollars... whatever you and the other handler agree is a fair trade for the use of your Wyrm. While we allow this as part of the game, we ask that handlers are not greedy. Please don't ask for unreasonable fees for the breeding of your Wyrms. Wyrm breeding is intended as a fun, interactive, and social game. It is not meant to be a method to rake your fellow handlers over the coals. Be nice to one another, have fun, and share the joy that getting a new Wyrm brings to every handler.

Please see the section in our Terms and Service on Stud/Brood Fees: LINK HERE


Cross-breeding occurs when a Wyrm is bred with another breed of Wyrm. For example: A Tea-cup "Leaf Crawler" (Common Forest Wyrm) can be bred to a Tea-Cup "Plumed Gem Hunter" (Common Forest Wyrm). The same "Leaf Crawler" can also be bred to a Tea-Cup "Angler Eel" (Marine Wyrm). The appearances of these cross-bred Wyrms are determined by their genetics just as with a normal breeding, producing a Hybrid Wyrm. Those who still fit under one of the major Breed types (such as a breeding between two Varieties of Common Forest Wyrms) remain as Cross-Breeds under their normal type listings. Those produced from two separate Breeds will be listed under a the Hybrid type.

Exception - Tesla Wyrms:
Due to the nature of Tesla Wyrms as clockwork creatures, they can only produce viable offspring with other Tesla Wyrms or Chainmail Wyrms. If they are bred with any other type of Wyrm, the breeding is used up, and the owner gets a creepy, dead, clockwork-hybrid fetus in a little jar (which is kind of neat in it's own right).


Double Decker Soul Wrecker.jpg

Infected Wyrms are another special-case situation. Only 'pure' infected Wyrms (the first generation guys who were sold at 2012 Furfright, or online just afterwards) have the Infectious Bite (XX) characteristic. This allows them to BITE another Wyrm, infecting it with the virus that turned the original Wyrm into a Zombie. This will cause the bitten Wyrm to pass along this Virus to their next offspring. The virus will eventually run it's course (after one breeding), or can be cured using a bottle of special potion that each Infected's owner always carries with them just incase. So, to get a 'bred-baby' Infected, you need:

  • A Stud Wyrm
  • A Brood Wyrm
  • An Infected to BITE one of the two parent Wyrms

Second-generation/offspring Infected Wyrms will not have the Infectious Bite (XX) trait, and will not be able to produce any further Infected Wyrms. As these Wyrms are undead, they cannot breed and are thus Sterile.

In general, the Species of the offspring Infected is determined by the parents in the usual way, with the exception that all Tea-Cup x Tea-Cup breedings will automatically be bred 'up' to a Mini-Wyrm Infected. The cost for these Wyrms is more than a regular breeding, so please check out the prices in the Wyrmhandler Guide or the FAQ.


Tokens are special items that are sold at conventions or in our Etsy store at various times. These can be used to give special effects during a breeding.

  • Breeding Token - Allows you to add an extra breeding to non-sterile Wyrm.
  • Color Token - Allows you to choose one of the valid (possible) colors for your offspring. May instead be used to influence the horn color on breeds where there are variations (Example: Gold vs Silver Phase in Zhong Lungs).
  • Glow Token - Guarantees that an offspring will show the glow-gene, so long as at least one of the parents is a carrier of the gene.
  • Trait Token - Allows you to choose '--' (removed), 'xx', 'xX' or 'XX for any single trait on the offspring. (May not be used on any traits which are deemed as Supernatural. May not change a recessive to a dominant trait.)
  • Double Horn Token - Allows a baby to have multiple types of horns, as long as they do not take up the same place on the wyrm. (combination horns have to be approved by CruinndracFarms staff).

The following are RARE tokens, which are sold in limited quantities:

  • Size Token - Allows you to create an offspring up to two sizes larger or smaller than the parent. Smaller Wyrms will not be as detailed as their larger parents. Size tokens may not be used if any of the parents are considered a 'specialty' wyrm (ex. Royal, Seasonal, etc.)
  • Gender Choice Token - Allows you to choose the gender of your Tea-Cup offspring.
  • Baby Token - Allows a breeding to produce a tiny 'baby'-sized Wyrm (non-breedable).
  • Gender Bender Token - Allows one parent Wyrm to change gender temporarily for the breeding. Half of the proceeds from these tokens go to frog conservation. (3-charges.)

Examples of the token icons used and available are below:

Token Trait.png Token Trait Used.png Token Glow.png Token Glow Used.png Token Color.png Token Color Used.png Token Breeding.png Token Breeding Used.png
Token 2x.png Token 2x Used.png Token Horn.png Token Horn Used.png Token Choice.png Token Choice Used.png Token Baby.png Token Baby Used.pngToken Gender.png


Please note: The next breeding season opens at 12:00 Noon EST on December 27th. Stud/Brood forms may be submitted at any time, but actual breeding requests may not be made until the season officially opens. Any requests submitted prior to that date/time will be deleted.

The Breeding Request and Stud/Brood forms can be found here: FORM LINK

Please follow the instructions on the form. They will walk you through what you need to fill in. Some key things to remember, however:

  • For every Wyrm you are receiving, you should be filling out a separate Breeding Request form.
  • If you are NOT receiving a Wyrm from a breeding, but one of the parents belongs to you, you should be using the Stud/Brood form.
  • If you have lost your handler PIN#, you can recover it here: http://cruinndracfarms.com/WyrmHandler/Handler_PIN.php
  • You can find prices for all our products here: Price Guide.
  • You must READ and AGREE to our Terms of Service.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you will be asked for contact information for your parent/guardian. No underage purchases will be allowed without the consent of a parent/guardian.

Once you have submitted your requests, please allow up to 24-hours for your information to begin appearing on our Order Status Page.

  • We will send an invoice asking for a deposit on your purchase to the e-mail address you provide, which can be paid for by Paypal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. You have 72 hours (3-days) to make an initial payment on your order.
  • Once the order is confirmed, it's time to wait. It may take a few months to complete your order. You can continue to check your status on the status page.
  • When your Wyrms are completed, we will send you a second invoice for the remainder of your purchase plus shipping. You will have 7 days to complete payment.
  • Once full payment is complete, we send your new Wyrms out to you.