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Sales & Trades Policies

In order to keep track and maintain fairness within the game, we ask that any sales or trades of CruinndracFarms items be handled through our forums:
Trade/Sales Forums

While we offer the forums as a location to buy, sell, and trade your CruinndracFarms items, we are not responsible for any individual transactions between our handlers. We encourage those interested in buying/selling/trading these items to use caution. It is up to an individual buyer to be aware of their payment method and the number of days they have to report non-delivery.

CruinndracFarms will not allow an individual who has had negative sale history to buy/sell/trade Wyrms, and we will handle transgressions through disciplinary actions that may include suspension and/or banning of accounts. CruinndracFarms will not, however, reimburse anyone for missing/non-delivered items from these personal sales/trades/exchanges.

Sales/Trade policy does not apply to Wyrm pick-ups. Someone who is picking up a Wyrm for another handler at a con, obviously does not have to post it here, or go through specific trade rules in order to do so. The same goes for Wyrms purchased as gifts for friends/family. The only time you would need to post a gift Wyrm here on the boards is if it is already registered and you are changing ownership.


1. We ask that all trades/sales of Wyrms/Tokens be done through the forums.
This is not only so we can keep track of what is traded, but also so that everyone involved can be held accountable if a item doesn't show up, or has damage that was not disclosed. Personal trades or gifts (if the item is a registered Wyrm/Token) must at least be acknowledged with a post that explains that the Wyrm/Token was traded, the terms of the trade, and to whom. This helps your Scribe keep track of what things she needs to update.

2. All sales or trades of Wyrms should come with all of the following: Egg Charm, Wyrm, Datacard.
Datacards may be re-printed from the wiki for registered Wyrms and are considered valid for this purpose. If any item is missing, it must be disclosed at the time of sale. Cruinndrac Farms will not replace any missing Egg Charms or Datacards not sent from trades/sales.

3. Any damage to a Wyrm must be disclosed at the time of posting them for sale/trade.
This includes anything that has been repaired on the Wyrm (even if you cannot visibly see the repair). You should also specify if you come from a home with a smoker, as some people are very sensitive to that smell and may not want to buy a Wyrm which may carry it in their fur.

4. Only existing forum users (who have active accounts) and registered Wyrms on the wiki may sell or trade.
A user must have have a forum account, with registered Wyrms on the wiki to sell/trade their items. Users who are not fully registered (known as 'gray users') may still purchase items, however.

5. Wyrms may be traded as often as you like, but may only be sold for cash infrequently.
Wyrms may only be sold for their original purchase price + shipping. We do not want to see resellers or people attempting to use the forums to make money off of Wyrms they have purchased. If you need to sell more than four Wyrms at any one time, please contact a member of Staff (HopefulMonster, Arazia, AnimeAmy, ShadraAvro) for approval first.

6. 'Black Market' trades/sales are strictly not allowed.
'Black Market' trades/sales are defined as sales/trades not made on the forums, which thus may not follow the rules/guidelines displayed here. We require that sales/trades be done on the forums for /your/ protection. Situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but may result in penalties to buyer/seller and/or Wyrm(s) involved. Please play fair. Items which are purchased or traded through other mediums may or may not be considered valid for breeding purposes. We handle such situations on a case-by-case basis.

  • Example: A handler buys a Wyrm from someone else on an art website. The user has registered it, but doesn't really play the game, so offered it up for sale to people who follow them on that art site. As we have no way of knowing the terms of this sale, we would consider it invalid. We would not transfer the Wyrm to the new owner, and it would be marked as STERILE.

7. Clean up your threads.
When a thread is complete, please change the title to CLOSED: <original title>. Make sure the LAST entry in the thread explains who the item was sold/traded to. This helps me keep track of items that need to be transferred between users.

8. All Pre-Arranged Breedings Must be Disclosed.
Before a Wyrm can be sold, any pre-arranged breedings must be disclosed to the new owner. The new owner is buying/trading the wyrm "as-is", which includes any pre-arranged agreements for breedings with that Wyrm. If there are no clutchmates available, the new owner should honor the request during the season previously arranged. If there is a clutchmate available and the new owner wants it for themselves, they are allowed to ask that the breeding be held until a season in which they have an open slot/availability to purchase the clutchmate for themselves.

9. All Trades/Sales are At Your Own Risk
Any item that is sold by staff through Cruinndrac Farms is covered by our sales policies. Any items which are sold/traded through the forums between handlers are not. The forums provide a service to allow people to post their sales/trades, but we at Cruinndrac Farms/HopefulMonsterStudios cannot be held responsible for bad trades/sales. Understand that, like any other online purchase, that these sales/trades are at your own risk.

We generally trust our handlers to be responsible. In the case of items which are not sent, we will handle the situation as best we can by contacting the individuals involved and attempting to get things sorted out. We will deal with deadbeat sellers with the only tools we have available to us, which includes restrictions, suspensions, and/or bans.

We encourage those who are involved in sales to keep an eye on the timers required for reporting a bad sale. It is your responsibility to notify Paypal within their time period and/or your bank/credit card in the case of a bad sale. We cannot reimburse any loss of funds/items from any personal sale/trade.

NOTE: Paypal's TOS requires that purchases be made via Goods and Services. This is /REQUIRED/ for purchasing CDF Wyrms from other handlers. You are NOT allowed to request funds be provided via 'friends and family'. This actually removes buyer protections and is considered against our rules. You may not request that the buyer reimburse you for paypal's fees, either. That is against their TOS. If any handler requests this of you, report it immediately to staff.

10. You only trade/sell items which you have in hand.
We do not want to see people trading or selling Wyrms which they do not actively have ownership of. This can cause problems if one individual sends their physical Wyrm, and the other does not because they don't actually have it yet. As such, you may only sell/trade items in your possession.

Included in this is the concept of exchanging a Wyrm for for an extra 'convention pick'. There are a number of issues with this. These are not physical items, thus there is a higher risk involved. Secondly, people are only allowed to use their 'convention picks' in order to do a pick-up for someone that is not attending the con. Thirdly, it would allow an individual to go beyond the convention's per-day limit on items, which is not fair to anyone. Thus, trades involving exchanging a items for future 'convention picks' are no longer allowed.

We will not restrict individuals from trading a Yyrm in exchange for someone paying for a future bred-baby slot, but understand that doing so is at your own risk. You are actually /far/ better off getting the same amount in cash. We highly encourage people to just do cash transactions in these cases to avoid issues.

11. Any confirmed/agreed upon sale or trade is FINAL.
Once two individuals have agreed upon a sale or trade, the item must be taken off of the market. You may not leave the item up in case you get 'better offers'. Also, you may not change your mind about selling/trading an item after a final sale/trade has been agreed upon. This is highly unfair to the person on the other side of the trade/sale.

While we try not to get involved in individual sales, someone who breaks this rule will be subject to negative feedback and multiple instances may result in them losing sale/trade privilages. The only exceptions to this are unforeseen circumstances in which item is destroyed, or if both users agree to changing the original terms.

Stud/Brood Fees

At CruinndracFarms, we respect an individual’s rights to approve any potential mate for their Wyrms and to pick who will receive their Wyrm’s offspring during a breeding season. However, we do ask that people are reasonable and act within the friendly environment of the game. Unfortunately, we’ve had issues in the past, so we’ve had to set down some rules and policies in regards to Stud/Brood Fees as well as Terms/Requirements that are allowed within the scope of the game.

Things an owner of a Stud/Brood Wyrm reserves the exclusive rights to do:
1. Ask for the clutchmate for themselves, or to give away the clutchmate slot to someone else.
2. Approve/Deny someone else to receive offspring from a breeding with their Wyrm.

Acceptable Stud/Brood Fees: (Be reasonable. Do not request /all/ of these at once.)
1. A +1 token being used on the stud/brood.
2. A small piece of artwork drawn/crafted by the person requesting the breeding. The value of this is a bit of a gray-zone, but try not to ask for full commissions, or anything that would be over $10 in cash value.
3. A small cash fee to the owner ($5 or less) or a cash donation (varies) to a charity.

Invalid Stud/Brood Fees:
1. Asking the person to pay (in whole or in part) for your clutchmate.
2. Asking the person to pay you a cash fee greater than $5.
3. Asking the person to purchase a commission from another artist for you.
4. Asking the person to do a large, complex, or otherwise time/cost expensive piece of artwork.
5. Asking them to use any other type of token on their offspring.
6. Asking the person to enter into any sort of contract or agreement which attempts to control the use of the offspring Wyrm. Once the offspring has been sold to the new owner, they may sell/trade/display/store/etc. their new Wyrm in whatever manner they see fit.

Forum Behavior

The following is a list of general behavior rules and guidelines for the forums. It by no means covers all possible situations, but in cases not covered below, remember this: If a moderator or administrator asks you not to do something - don't do it. Period.

1. Keep all posts/chat family-friendly.

  • This means no swearing and no adult content. This includes, but is not limited to: avoiding discussion on illegal activities or anything else above a PG-level.
  • No linking to videos and images that break this content guideline.

2. Be excellent to each other.

  • No, seriously. Treat everyone on the forums with respect. No name calling, sarcastic/snarky remarks, bullying, etc. Also avoid whining, begging, or complaining about other users.

3. Don't spam.

  • Please don't make useless posts just to bump a topic, or create spam-inducing games to increase your post counts. This forum is run on a private server and can't really take a lot of extra load from such things.

4. This is not a blog/therapy site.

  • While we acknowledge that everyone has rough days, and sometimes they need to express that, but we ask that you refrain from making forum posts of a personal nature. The forums are not a place to air out dirty laundry regarding friends/family/co-workers/significant others, etc. It also isn't a place to discuss life issues or emotional states such as depression. Our visitors are not therapists or psychologists and cannot offer advice to people suffering from such issues. That said, if you need to say you're having a rough day in chat, that's fine. Just do try to keep such things to a minimum. If you find you're regularly saying such things in chat, then you probably should be seeking resources elsewhere for support and help.

5. Advertisements

  • Please do not post advertisements for outside games. Discussion areas are meant to be for discussions or sharing interests, not for advertisements.
  • Please do not post up your 'breedable games' that you're considering creating. Of the times this has happened, the creatures people have posted greatly resemble either CDF Wyrms, ECS Dragons, or Wyverns and often include many aspects of the two games. We do not feel it's appropriate to post advertisements or discussions about games which heavily borrow from ours.

6. Your Creations

  • You are welcome to post your individual home made, for your own use, creatures. This includes OOAK art dolls, home made critters to be friends for your Wyrms, etc. However, we ask that you do not borrow Wyrm or Wyrm designs to create your own creatures for sale.
  • We do allow artists to post commissions for Wyrm drawings/accessories/etc, either for personal profit or to raise money to purchase their own Wyrms. What we ask is that those artists A. Do not copy the particular things being sold as part of CruinndracFarms. IE handler chains, charms, the same wooden cages HMS is selling, anything with the CDF logo, etc. And B, that they credit Wyrms and CDF for the designs. When in doubt, ask before selling an item.
  • Please do not post advertisements for non-wyrm related commissions or sales.

Convention Purchase Limits

In order to make sure that more people have a chance to purchase Wyrms at a convention, we have daily limits set on how many of any single item a person may purchase. The following are the default purchase limits at conventions. Limits may be raised/lowered depending on the availability of convention stock.

2017 Anthrocon Limits

  • You may purchase a max of FOUR (4) Tea-Cup Blind-draw Wyrms per day.
  • You may purchase an additional ONE (1) Blind-draw Mule Nest Wyrm per day.
  • If you are doing a pick-up, you may get an additional ONE (1) Tea-Cup Blind draw per day for pick-ups ONLY, but we /will/ record what wyrm and who it goes to. This will NOT be part of the morning draw of Wyrm eggs and must be done later in the day. (We don't want to be juggling pick-up information during the morning rush.) We will not allow people to abuse this extra bonus slot. We are offering this as AC will have a lot of really neat Wyrms and want people to have a chance to get pick-ups.
  • You may purchase ONE mini or standard for the entire weekend. Your purchase will use up one slot of your Tea-Cup Blind-draw Wyrms for that day. (So if you purchase a Mini/Standard, you can only get 3 Tea-Cups that day)
  • You are limited to ONE (1) Rare egg per clutch that goes out at the table. (Max of TWO per day.)
  • You are limited to TWO (2) Tea-cups (or THREE if you buy a mule-nest egg) in the morning rush.
  • You are limited to a max of TWO (2) tokens of each type per day, up to FOUR (4) tokens total per day. (Up to TWO additional if you are picking up tokens for another handler.)
  • We will be holding at least TWO (2) (possibly more) new Handler Slots on the sign-up list. Please do not whine or complain that we are letting a new handler go before you who has never picked before.

IMPORTANT: In past years, we have seen people pull in parents and friends in order to circumvent con limits. It is plainly obvious when this is the case. It's pretty easy to go home with a horde of Wyrms at the end of Anthrocon, so please do not try to cheat. It's not worth the consequences.

Convention Pick-Ups

Often times, our handlers are more than willing to go out of their way to help out others in the community. Handlers may request someone to do a pick-up for them by posting on THIS TOPIC.

Pick-ups are great. They are an awesome opportunity for people who don't get a chance to get out to cons to still have a chance to get Wyrms. However, we've recently had some complaints and issues regarding Pick-ups, so we would like people who are offering Pick-ups as well as those interested in asking for them to please review this document, as it will be policy going forward.

1. A person may not use a slot to do a pick-up for someone attending the con.
We have hard limits on the number of Wyrms a person may purchase at a convention. A handler may not use one of their slots to get another handler beyond their limit of Wyrms per day. In the case of wanting to purchase a gift or present for a birthday or holiday such as Christmas, please speak to us first before making the purchase to get this cleared with us in advance.

2. A person offering pick-ups may not always be able to fill your request.
If you are requesting someone to pick-up a Wyrm for you, please understand that the person may not always be able to fill your order. Maybe the type of egg you're looking for isn't there. Maybe they didn't get down in time to be able to get eggs one day. Whatever the reason, there may be times that a person simply can't fill all the requests they've gotten. Please be aware of this and be understanding.

3. A person doing pick-ups should be fair in filling requests.
If you have one person requesting four Wyrms, and four people requesting one each, you should really try to be fair about filling your pick-up requests. Get one for each person, and then if you have time to go back and get additional ones for the larger order, great! Obviously, we've all got friends here, and we want to try to help them out, but try not to leave out someone else in the process.

4. A person doing pick-ups should not be sniping rares.
We have been informed that some people may be using pick-ups as a way of getting extra rare/special eggs. They pull eggs for their pick-ups, but choose to keep the rarest ones and give the less rare ones to the people who have paid for their eggs. We don't believe that this rare-sniping is fair, at all.

We ask that you have a slip of paper with the details on who you are picking up for, and what they want. Before you choose an egg for someone, you should state who you are picking up for. We will note their name and the result of your pick.

  • Situation #1: If you should pick something and find out that it isn't what they were hoping for -- Please contact them (text/pm/etc.) and tell them what you pulled, send them a picture if you can. They can then choose to keep your pick, or relinquish it to you so you can pick again.
  • Situation #2: You pick a Wyrm for yourself, and find out that it better fits one of your pick-ups. You can show us your pick-up list, we'll verify it is something that one of those people requested, and adjust our notes.

If we find out someone plucks a rare/uncommon/specially marked/etc. Wyrm for someone else, and then keeps it for themselves, we will disallow that person from doing pick-ups again and neuter the Wyrm in question. The same goes for people who claim all the Wyrms are for them personally, when some are pick-ups (without telling us). Both of these may result in a 'strike'.

We appreciate people going out of their way to do pick-ups, but please be fair.

Convention Behavior

Often times, our table is quite popular at conventions. This means that we expect our handlers to follow some simple rules and policies to keep things organized and to avoid issues.

If we are taking names on a list (or giving out numbers):
1. Ask politely to get your name on the list, or get a number.
2. Step back away from the table and wait your turn to be called.
3. Allow people access to the table when it is their turn.
4. When your name/number is called, come up and purchase your items.
5. Step back and allow other people access to the table after your turn is done.

If there is not a list:
1. Look to see if someone else is currently shopping. Give them space if they are still making their choice on items.
2. Ask politely if items are available.
3. Ask politely if you may purchase an available item.
4. Wait quietly if we are currently serving another customer.

Proper Table/Convention Etiquette

1. If you see that we are running behind, please give us space!
Alas, like most artists, we are not the most organized people in the world. Sometimes eggs need to be bagged. Sometimes pins need to be glued on. Sometimes we just need a bit more time to do set-up because a toddler delayed us getting down to the dealer hall on time.

If we tell you that we are running behind, please step back from the table and give us some space. We will usually try to tell you when we expect to be open. Do NOT loom around the table while we are trying to work. These are blind-draw items so obviously we don’t want you to see them before their eggs go out. Take it as an opportunity to visit the other vendors at the con and come back at the time that we’ve posted.

2. We will handle taking a list of names/handing out numbers. Please respect the list/number you are given.
We understand that often, there is a wait for handlers to get into the dealer’s hall at a convention. Often times, our handlers get together and hang out. This is great. We love the community that our handlers have. However, we will not accept a list of people who lined up outside of the dealer’s hall as the basis for our waiting list.

Often times, we reserve slots for new handlers, or other people who may not be able to get a chance at early picks of Wyrms in other circumstances. Please do not whine/complain about someone getting a slot ahead of you. We keep these slots limited and try to make sure that these individuals get a chance.

When we fill out our waiting list, we will try to take names/give numbers in the general order that people arrive. We try to do this as fairly as possible. Do not bum-rush the table. When you arrive, ask nicely to pick a number or be put on the list and give us your badge name. Again, please do not whine/complain about your place in line. Chances are, over a regular three-day con, you will have plenty of opportunities to hunt for eggs.

3. Do not lean on, sit on, block access to or grab items from the table.
We often have displays and items out on the table which are fragile. Please refrain from leaning on the table. This can cause damage to the table, our displays, our items, and to yourself. We have had multiple occurrences of people doing so and knocking over displays, breaking items, and upending entire trees full of eggs.

Do not EVER move displays or grab items off of the table. If it is YOUR TURN you are welcome to pick up an egg or item to get a better look. No one but the person currently shopping should be picking up or moving items on the table. If you would like us to move a display to get a better look at something, please ASK US, do not move any display item yourself.

While our table is very popular, please try to avoid blocking access to the table. Once your name is on the list, please STEP BACK away from the table and allow other people to get their names on the list and/or make their purchases. If someone's name is called, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY so they can get to the table.

4. During the downtime between batches of Wyrms, please do not lurk.
We love to socialize and talk to our handlers. You are welcome to ask questions, talk to us, or ask about various topics you are curious about. However, we ask that you do not lurk, loom, or stalk the table.

What does this mean?

It means that we do not want to see people standing around, blocking access to the table. We also do not want to see handlers sitting down or standing nearby and obviously watching the table for new batches of eggs. It’s stressful, and it makes us a bit uncomfortable. The whole reason we sneak out random batches of eggs is to give an opportunity to people who haven’t had a chance at eggs yet.

For safety reasons, we cannot have anyone sitting along the aisles next to our tables. We, also, cannot have people stowing items beneath our tables. We have limited amounts of space and we do not have room to be a storage place for handlers. If you want to 'hang out' and wait for the next batch of eggs or to talk with other handlers, then your best bet is to find someplace outside of the Dealer's Den to do so. Otherwise, you should make sure that any place you hang out in is okayed by a member of Dealer's Den staff before deciding to take over any space within the Den as a hang out place.

5. Do not push, shove, or grab items from people shopping.
If someone is currently looking at items on our table, then it is THEIR TURN to shop. You may not push them out of the way, grab items off the table or grab items out of their hands. This is not a type of behavior that we condone. Anyone seen doing this sort of dangerous behavior will be blacklisted from purchasing items on the day of the offense. If they repeat the behavior, they may be blacklisted from purchases for the entire con, and may receive a ‘strike’ for their bad behavior.

6. Respect the con purchase limits.
In an attempt to be fair and allow everyone a chance at Wyrms, we established a daily limit of five (5) Tea-Cup Wyrms per handler, and one (1) Mini, Standard, or Great Wyrm. We expect that our handlers will be fair and stick to these limits. We usually limit handlers to three (3) Tea-Cups from our initial batch of Wyrms for the day, as we do not want to run out of these too quickly. Limits may be raised/lowered at the discretion of staff depending on attendance to the con, or availability of con stock.

Pick-ups are deducted from the daily limit of the person /doing/ the pick up. If RedWulf23 (random name) is purchasing two Tea-Cup Wyrms for a friend on the forums, and also purchases three Tea-Cup Wyrms for himself, then he has reached the limit. Pick-ups may not be done for individuals who are attending the con as a way to circumvent the daily limits.

This rule has been in place for a while now, and still applies. For more information on this, please see the next item

7. You may not trade or sell your personal pick slots at a con.
We have always had a general policy of only allowing sales/trades of items that the user has on-hand. If a handler does not have physical possession of an item, there can be issues with a person having to wait an unknown amount of time to receive their half of a trade. There can also be issues where an item is sent, but the future item (baby, convention pick, etc.) is never sent to it’s new owner.

There is also an issue with using other peoples’ convention slots as a way of getting around the daily limits placed on each handler. We cannot allow this, as it makes it unfair for other people. All trades must be transacted after the items have been purchased / are in the physical possession of their handler.

8. Do not guilt-trip people who are making purchases.
When it is a person's turn to make a purchase, it is their turn. They may select any item on the table, even if it is something you have your eye on. Please do not lurk behind the person who is shopping and repeatedly comment about how you 'really want x-item'. They have every right to purchase the item, even if it's something you want. Sorry.

The same goes for any items we have placed in the Art Show. Items that are for auction are being sold to the highest bidder. Anyone may bid on an item. They may be someone who isn't involved in the game and only wants a collectible. They may even be a member of staff. All of these are perfectly acceptable. Please do not complain because you have been out-bid. This is simply part of the auction process. There are no hard feelings, and no one is doing it to spite you or to be greedy. You may defend your bids during the closing of the art show as is appropriate, but you may not block the bid sheets, or try to guilt/convince someone not to bid against you.

Lastly, please do not try to haggle with us on prices. Our prices are set and posted on all items and we will not lower them. We will not be swayed by a sob story about your dire circumstances, either. Even on the last day of a convention, we do not /need/ to sell out all our items. We have a loving group of handlers online who would love to give any leftover Wyrms new homes. Please do not try these tactics with us.

9. Respect surrounding tables.
We usually have neighbors at conventions, and they want their customers to have access to the table. Please do not stand in front of or block the view of neighboring tables unless you are actively buying something from them as well. Be respectful!

10. Only Staff members are allowed behind the Dealer Table.
Due to concerns with fairness as well as safety reasons, we will no longer allow anyone who is not an official member of staff behind the table. In this case, staff is defined as: HopefulMonster, Arazia, ShadraAvro, AnimeAmy, YearofDragon, GardenToaster, and Dizziness. Anyone else not on this list will no longer be allowed behind the table.

We keep notes, money and personal items behind the table so we simply cannot let people come and go behind the table where things might get taken. We had many people raise concerns in regards to people possibly getting advantages by seeing what might be in the bins, as well. In order to maintain fairness, all handlers must remain on the buyer side of the table.

We will always try to seek a member of staff if we need help at the table. If for some reason we do not have a member of staff available and need help, we may seek out a trusted individual and ask them for assistance (we will ask people we trust, please do not offer). However, that person will have to agree to relinquish any future blind-draw purchases that day (or choose a proxy to pick for them) to ensure there are no concerns with unfair advantages being gained. We will try to avoid asking handlers for help when at all possible, however.

Disciplinary Action

Cruinndrac Farms has instituted a three-strikes rule. This means that individuals who exhibit bad behavior or break rules may receive a STRIKE, which will result in disciplinary action. Repeated offenses can result in permanent removal from the game. Strikes may be removed if the handler in question shows good behavior over an extended period of time.

Warning - Take this to heart. We are asking you to stop a behavior. If you continue it, you may end up with a STRIKE.
Strike One - The user may face a 1-3 week ban from the game (forums and purchases) depending on severity of complaint.
Strike Two - The user may face a 1-6 month ban from the game (forums and purchases) depending on severity of complaint.
Strike Three - The user is banned from forums/game and may not purchase or breed their Wyrms (their Wyrms are neutered/sterilized on the wiki).

The following is a list of possible offenses that may result in a STRIKE:

  • Any attempts to get around pre-set convention purchase limits.
  • Any attempts to get bumped up in the queue for bred Wyrms. Lying or Begging to have your Wyrms finished before those of others.
  • Repeated inappropriate behavior on the forums, chat, or other social media (swearing, inappropriate links, spamming, begging, etc.)
  • Repeated inappropriate behavior at conventions (grabby hands, pushing, shoving, complaining, bad-mouthing staff, etc.)
  • Harassment/bad-mouthing of any handler in chat, forum posts, or private messages.
  • Anything a staff member or moderator asks you to stop doing and you continue to do so. Listen to your staff/mods.
  • Unresolved trades/sales.
  • Attempting to bribe any member of staff, including offers of supplies in exchange for preferential treatment.
  • Late resolution of trades. Any trade which takes longer than a month for a party to send out is likely to result in a strike.

The following are considered auto-ban offenses:

  • Theft. Registration of stolen items.
  • Fradulent Paypal claims/chargebacks.
  • Admission of/threats of illegal activities. (We do not have a sense of humor.)

Terms of Service

HopefulMonsterStudios is a small business which produces custom artwork including but not limited to: drawings, sculpture, dolls, and costume items. Cruinndrac Farms is a part of HopefulMonsterStudios which handles all aspects of the collectible creatures known as Wyrms. The ability to collect, display, and breed these Wyrms is a service offered by Cruinndrac Farms.

Anyone interested in requesting a breeding/commission must be 18 years of age or have their parent or guardian’s permission. By requesting a breeding/commission, you/your guardian hereby agree to be legally bound by the following Terms and Conditions:


Any requests for Wyrm breedings through Cruinndrac Farms are considered to be commissions for custom items to be created by HopefulMonsterStudios artists. HopefulMonsterStudios is under no obligation to accept any/every commission, including a Wyrm breeding requests. Purchasing a Wyrm at a convention or online is not a guarantee of future breedings/commissions. When purchasing a Wyrm, you are purchasing the collectable creature as-is. Breedings are offered as a service only, and may be refused at any time. Usually, this will be due to behavior, previous non-payment, or limited availability of breeding/commission slots.

If the commission is accepted, this is considered a contract between the buyer and HopefulMonsterStudios for the item or items purchased. The buyer pays for their purchase, and HopefulMonsterStudios will produce a new, custom Wyrm for them.

HopefulMonsterStudios makes no guarantees as to the appearance of any Wyrm. These are hand-made, one of a kind creations, which are guided by the genetics of the parent Wyrms. Offspring Wyrms may or may not match what the buyer expects, but we work very hard to make sure they are a good representation of their parents and are made with the best quality we can offer.

Bred Wyrms come with the following items:

  • Sculpted/furred Wyrm collectable
  • Datacard (digital)
  • Egg charm


HopefulMonsterStudios is a small buisness. Our primary crafter is a stay-at-home mom, and the other artists involved all have other jobs outside of Cruinndrac Farms. As such, we cannot guarantee any specific deadline for the creation of new Wyrms. Each Wyrm is a custom creation, and takes many hours of work and many hands to create. HopefulMonsterStudios is not a large-scale company who mass-produces products, and as such we are are subject to the natural day to day delays that may affect anyone, including: supply delays, family issues, illness, weather delays, etc. Any completion estimates are just that, estimates, and are subject to change depending on a variety of factors.

HopefulMonsterStudios and CruinndracFarms prides itself on keeping our buyers up to date on the status of their orders. We offer a status page which can be checked at any time, and buyers are free to contact us about the status of their orders. Once orders are made, HopefulMonsterStudios organizes their workload to balance around other commitments. Once in the work queue, items will be worked on in batches/groups and updates will be made regularly. The only time items may be moved up in the queue is if HopefulMonsterStudios chooses to do so due to an issue on our end. Contacting us will not give anyone priority over others who are also waiting in the queue.


Like with most items, the prices of Wyrms are subject to change at any time. HopefulMonsterStudios strives to make our prices reasonable, but they are influenced by things such as packaging, shipping and material costs. The price of a Wyrm is locked in during each breeding season, and any breedings accepted during that season will remain at that price.

When a commission/breeding is accepted, the buyer is expected to make a payment towards their purchase within 72 hours (3 days). This payment will be a deposit of 50% of the full purchase cost. The deposit price is non-refundable. This deposit price helps to cover the cost of materials that HopefulMonsterStudios will need to purchase and any prep-work that needs to be done prior to the creation of the new Wyrm.

As Wyrm orders are finished, their status will be updated on the Breeding Status page. Handlers will be notified at the time that their Wyrm is completed. They will then be expected to pay the remainder of their bill within 7 days (1 week). If the full amount is not paid at that time, then HopefulMonsterStudios reserves the right to re-sell the Wyrm to another buyer to recoup the cost of materials and work time.

Payments are currently processed through PAYPAL only. Please do not send us payments directly. An invoice with the cost of your full payment or deposit will be sent to your e-mail address at the time of purchase.This invoice can be paid through a Paypal account, credit card, or debit card. Please double check that the shipping address you provided is correct on your invoice, as this is used to calculate your shipping cost.


HopefulMonsterStudios is committed to packaging our products with the best materials and we are always looking for new ways to make sure they get to buyers without damage. We do our best to keep our shipping costs reasonable, but are subject to the changes and prices of the Postal Service. HopefulMonsterStudios uses the U.S. Postal Service as our carrier.

We are currently in the process of re-evaluating our shipping costs. Shipping will only have to be paid during the second payment, and we will include a break down of all costs associated with your shipment, including insurance. We highly encourage buyers who are purchasing $50.00 or more to also purchase additional insurance for their items. All packages will now include basic tracking, which will be provided to the buyer at the time the item is shipped. Buyers who purchase more than $200 worth of items will be required to add on Signature Confirmation as well. This is a requirement due to the processing policies of credit card companies.

We are not responsible for damage/loss of uninsured items by the Postal Service. If there is damage to any uninsured item, we will be glad to talk the buyer through doing basic at-home repairs.

Our base shipping cost usually can cover approximately 3 of the smaller (tea-cup) sized Wyrms. Larger orders may require purchasing a flat-rate shipping container. These prices can be found on the website for the U.S. Postal Service to estimate your shipping costs:


Usually, the spreadsheet we offer on our website provides the most accurate, up to date information, but we welcome buyers to let us know if they have concerns. Please be aware, however, that the more e-mails we have to respond to, the less time we have to work on our products. Please try not to send multiple mails regarding your order status and instead check the order status spreadsheet for current information.

2013 Winter Breeding Season
2014 Spring Farm Season
2014 Winter Breeding Season

If, at any time, the buyer has any concerns regarding their order, the first point of contact would be to send an e-mail to: and

The buyer may cancel their order at any time, however, we ask that they talk to us about their concerns or issues prior to cancellation. Due to the fact that we are only asking for a non-refundable deposit for supplies up-front, there is NO REFUND for cancelled products. Any Wyrms created at the time of cancellation may be re-sold to cover the cost of work time. Used breedings (the amount of times a Wyrm can be bred) may or may not be returned to the parent Wyrms, at the discretion of HopefulMonsterStudios.

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact HopefulMonsterStudios at the e-mail above.
If you have any trouble contacting HopefulMonsterStudios directly, please try contacting: (Cruinndrac Farms Scribe)


HopefulMonsterStudios reserves and retains all copyright and printing rights to the art produced, both 3-D and 2-D. Specific Wyrm designs and their likenesses are copyright to HopefulMonsterStudios and Cruinndrac Farms. The buyer is perfectly welcome to take photos, draw fanart, re-print their datacard, etc. When creating fanart or using photos or materials that belong to HopefulMonsterStudios, we ask that you give proper credit and link back to us.