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How do I Adopt a Wyrm?

How to Adopt

Adopting a new Wyrm can be done in a number of ways. However, we must note that you must be 18+ years of age or have your parent/guardian's permission to adopt or commission a Wyrm. Children under the age of 18 cannot legally enter into a contract, and thus must have parental consent before being able to make a purchase through HopefulMonsterStudios. The following is a list of ways to purchase Wyrms:

  • Go to a convention:
    Visit a convention that Hopeful Monster Studios is attending (you can find a list HERE) and stop by our booth. Tea-Cup Wyrms are usually sold in a blind-draw - where you select an egg-charm, and you don't know exactly what Breed or Type of Wyrm you will be getting, but you have some idea about the colors. There is a bit of a gamble involved, because you never know exactly what you'll get with a Tea-Cup Wyrm, but we promise that they are all adorable! Larger Species are sitting out and just waiting for new owners.
  • Watch us online:
    You can watch for updates and information through our Deviantart or Furaffinity groups. However, the best way to get the most recent information is to join our Forums. Active handlers who participate on the forums will have the first chance at tokens, Wyrms, and other online sales. Tea-Cup Eggs are usually sold on a first-come-first-serve basis when they are posted online. Clutches will most likely be posted to Etsy to handle sales, but some may be sold on Deviantart, Furaffinity, or the Forums. Like with the convention Tea-Cups, you won't know exactly what you're getting. Additionally, sometimes larger Species are sold individually, or auctioned through these groups.
  • Breed a baby:
    During the breeding season, you can as people who already own Wyrms if they will breed their Wyrms together to make a new baby Wyrm for you. For more information on this, please see the tab on Breeding.
  • Commission us:
    Rarely, Hopeful Monster Studios will open/auction commission slots, or waiting list slots. Watch our Deviantart or Furaffinity groups to keep an eye out for slots being opened. These are only for larger Species of Wyrms (sorry, you can't commission a Tea-Cup Wyrm), but it is a great way to get a custom creation from us. These slots are /highly/ sought after when they open, so please be aware that we cannot take every commission, and may refuse a commission if we choose.

When is your next convention? When is your next Breeding Season? Is there any faster way to get a Wyrm?

  • Convention List: dates and sales information can be found HERE.
  • Breeding Seasons: Seasons are usually announced via our FORUMS. Check there for regular updates.
  • Other Sales: Other sales are usually done through the Wyrms'n'Things Thread on the forums. Watch there for convention leftovers, or other special art items for sale.

How much do Wyrms cost?

Each type of Wyrm has two prices, depending on if it is a bred-baby or not. Bred Wyrms cost slightly more due to the extra work of having to chart the genetics of each Wyrm, as well as working with sometimes more complex combinations of Wyrm genes. The following are the current prices for each of the Wyrm Species. Please note that prices are subject to change depending on the cost of materials. Accepted payment types are: Paypal and Money Orders. If you don't have access to either of these payment methods, you should contact HopefulMonsterStudios prior to making a purchase to see if a different payment method can be arranged.

Convention Wyrm Prices

The following is an estimate of our 'off the shelf' Wyrms which we feature at conventions and online sales. If breedable, they have random genetics created by our sculpting team and are not taken as commissions or customs. Larger creations such as Standards and Great Wyrms are likely to be auction pieces, with the minimum starting bids represented below.

  • Tea-Cup Wyrms: $40 (blind-draw) / $50 (guaranteed uncommon type or uncommon/rare breed)
  • Mini Wyrms: $100+ (Cost varies on complexity.)
  • Standard Wyrms: $150+ (Cost varies on complexity)
  • Great Wyrms: $350+ (Cost varies on complexity)
  • Leviathans: Auction/Ask for Quote (Rarely appears at conventions.)
  • Tokens: $13
  • Handler Chains: $20

Breeding Season Wyrm Prices

The following is an estimate of our Breeding Season Wyrm prices. These are slightly more than convention costs due to the extra time it takes to roll genetics and to do custom sculpts made to resemble the parents and any specific traits that have been requested.

  • Tea-Cup Wyrms: $50 (surcharge of +$5 if the baby rolls wings)
  • Special Mini Wyrms: $135 (This price applies to Royal/Seasonal, Cursed, Blessed, etc. - any donations/fees requested by handlers not included.)
  • Standard Wyrms: $200+ (This is the base price of a standard without any add-ons.)
  • Special Standard Wyrms: $250 (This price applies to Royal/Seasonal, Cursed, Blessed, etc. - any donations/fees requested by handlers not included. )
  • Great Wyrms: $450+ (This price is an estimate.)
  • Leviathan Wyrms: Ask for Quote


(Wyverns are Crossbreeds between Wyrms and Dragons)

  • Wyvern Tea-Cup: $60 (Bred Only)
  • Wyvern Mini: $175 (Bred Only)
  • Wyvern Standard: $300 (Bred Only)

Infected Wyrms

(Infected Wyrms cost slightly more than normal Wyrms when they are created, due to the cost of materials.)

  • Mini Infected Offspring: $95
  • Standard Infected Offspring: $150
  • Great Wyrm Infected Offspring: $350+ (This price is an estimate & depends on skull used.)
  • Leviathan Infected Offspring: Ask for Quote

Fetus Jars

(Fetuses are the result of a Tesla and any normal Wyrm Breed)

  • Shelf-Sitting Display Jar: $50
  • Infected/Fetus Cross: $100

Add ons

  • Tea-cup Wings - $5
  • Mini Wings - $15
  • Standard Wings - $25
  • Great Wyrm Wings - $50
  • Leviathan Wings - Ask for Quote (Will be included in a leviathan cost quote when commissioned.)

Why do some Wyrms have more breedings than others?

In general, the number of breedings a Wyrm has is determined by their rarity. The more rare a Wyrm, the less breedings they have. This is done in order to keep certain genetic traits more rare within each Type. Some more unusual hybrid/crossbreeds may not quite follow the numbers below.

  • Commons = 10 breedings
  • Uncommons = 5 Breedings
  • Rares/Ultra Rares = 2 Breedings
  • Hybrids/Crossbreeds = Parents' base breedings / 2

Exceptions: Prizes won through contests held by Hopeful Monster Studios may allow a handler to add additional breedings to a Wyrm.

How do I breed a Wyrm of a certain color? What about if I want a certain trait?

  • Color Genes: An explanation of color genetics can be found HERE.
  • Predicting Offspring: The 'Wyrm Mixer' which can be used to roll possible traits from different pairings of Wyrms can be found HERE.
  • Genetics Info: Find out more about Mendelian Genetics (the basis for how we generate new wyrms) HERE.

How do you make a Wyrm? What materials do you use?

In general, please feel free to ask any and all the questions you like about my art. I honestly love talking with people about art/crafts. The one thing I do ask is that folks keep in mind the fact that I do a lot of stuff through trial and error. This means that while I have learned what methods work for me, that learning was earned through hard work, hours of experimentation, and LOTS of scrapped projects. So while I don't mind pointing people in the general direction or giving a hint, I'm not really that interested in offering a 'easy how to get from point A to point B." tutorial. I firmly believe that new and innovative ideas will only come through people learning themselves how to do things, and making mistakes along the way. It's a big part of discovering why certain things work and others don't. Plus, what works for one person may very well not work for another. As for supplies, its easy these days to Google search for supplies. Do a quick search on OOAK art dolls, for example, and you are sure to find a plethora of companies selling many different types of clay and resin, fur and fabric, eyes of all sorts....pretty much everything you need to create one yourself! It just requires taking the time to actually LOOK, and want it badly enough that you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn.

So I encourage those who are curious to ask away....just be forewarned that I am not at all interested in doing the work for you! If you can't be bothered to try to find the answers and work to earn the knowledge, I've no interest in helping someone looking for the "Easy Way" to do things. Trust me, it's more fun having the satisfaction of discovering it yourself! That "Aah HA!" moment of triumph is worth aaaaaaall the frustration along the way.

To contact HopefulMonsterStudios with questions regarding art, you can send a mail to: dwalkerart@gmail.com. Please be aware that questions may take some time to answer, especially if things are busy around the shop.

How long does it take to make a Wyrm?

The time to make any one individual Wyrm can vary quite a lot. Even among Tea-Cup Wyrms, there can be quite a lot of difference between the time it takes to craft a simple Leaf Crawler with no special traits, and the time it takes for a Plumed Gem Hunter with feather tail, horns, crystal, and benign white. Wyrms, even Tea-Cups, are done in steps. Horns get crafted in big groups. Heads are put together with all their traits and baked. Fur is put on. Etc. So the creation of a Wyrm is many steps, each taking a varying amount of time, so it's hard to estimate even for our Tea-Cup Wyrms.

In general, the turn around time for each Breeding Season should be no more than one month. Sometimes things happen, and there are delays, but it usually shouldn't take much longer than that. Larger Wyrms, both commissioned and bred Wyrms obviously take longer than the Tea-Cups, as they are more detailed. We ask that those purchasing bred-babies as well as commissioned Wyrms please be patient. We usually try to make regular posts on progress, but these are individually hand made, and they do take time.

Can I trade you materials/art/virtual pets/etc. for a Wyrm? What about a discount?

I've gotten a number of requests for trades lately, and while I really appreciate it and am flattered, I have to decline most of the time. I am currently doing art full time as my job, and this means that any time I spend on art really has to be stuff that will help pay the bills. I will occasionally do gift art for a friend's birthday or some such thing, but it's for people I am close friends with. I do on rare occasions do trades, but they are usually for things I NEED, such as a particular type of art supply. Things I can use to turn around and create more art, to sell and make more $ to pay more bills. What little 'spare time' I have, I tend to be greedy with, since I already don't get to do art for myself very often. Also, doing art for the cost of supplies "and some extra thrown in for my time" is simply not something I do. I have set prices for items, for a reason. I have figured out how long it takes me to create something, and have priced said item what I feel that time is worth. So if I say no, please don't be discouraged or take it personally. I do after all have to make a living, just like everybody else!

How do I change my handler name or a Wyrm's image? Can I add extra images to their page?

Your handler name must be a valid account name either on Deviantart or on Furaffinity. This allows everyone to have a couple of core places where they can be contacted regarding Wyrms. If you have changed accounts, we can update your account name to a new one, but you must provide an account to be involved, even if you don't want to allow others to contact you during the breeding season. This gives us (the staff of Cruinndrac Farms) a way to contact you if we need to.

You can change the profile image, as well as your Wyrm's main datacard image on request. Generally, we ask that you not do this more than a couple of times, as it adds extra workload to maintaining the wiki. Find an image you like, and stick with it. If you have extra artwork or images that you want to add to your Wyrm's page, we can do that, as long as it doesn't get to be too much. Again, choose a couple of pieces of nice art you want, and we'll feature those, but we won't post every piece of art ever made of a Wyrm.

To change your handler name, change an image, or add artwork - send a PM to our Scribe: Arazia.

What are the strange symbols after (insert Wyrm here)'s color code?

As part of a recent upgrade to the data cards, some Wyrms may now have little symbols next to their color codes. What are they? The simple answer is: These represent some hidden feature of the Wyrm that isn't represented by it's Physical Features list. Just what the symbols mean, and how you can breed for these hidden features is up to a keen eye, and handler experimentation.

My Wyrm's breed has changed styles. Will it still throw the older style traits?

No. Once a Wyrm breed's style has changed, any offspring will carry the current appearance for that 'breed standard'. So, for example, if you have an older style Leaf Crawler who still has the flat plating, it will pass the gene for current leaf-style plating to it's offspring. The same goes for Hybrids of changed Wyrm breeds.

There are a few Wyrms out there with unique 'mutations' which are unrelated to style changes. These can include... Jiao-Di's without plumes, Platinum Points without horns, Angler Eels without Lures, Qui-Lins without eye-dots, etc. These 'mutations' can carry to their offspring, as they are natural variations on the breeds themselves, rather than entire style redesigns. However, they are rarer to show up when bred back to Wyrms who do not also have these mutations.