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Found on: FurAffinity
Contact: May be contacted during breeding season.
Registration: This handler has a fully registered account and may breed their Wyrms.





Store Credit: None

Breeding Tokens:
Token 2x.png Token Trait.png Token Trait.png


Name Gender Thumbnail Species Type Breed Breedings Available
Aubergine Female Aubergine icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Marine Wyrm Angler Eel 10
Candymint Male Candymint icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Common Forest Wyrm Mushroom Gatherer 5
Doodle Male Doodle icon.png Tea-Cup Wyrm Crystal Wyrm Swirl Snout 10
Drusy Female Drusy icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Feline Wyrm Domestic Cat 10
Haruko Female Haruko icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Zhong Lung Wyrm Jiao-Di 5
Hercules Male Hercules icon.jpg Mini Wyrm Fairy Wyrm Sidhe Prince 2
Maatcha Male Maatcha icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Zhong Lung Wyrm Gao-Xing 5
Sol Female Sol icon.jpg Tea-Cup Wyrm Hybrid Wyrm Mixed Breed 2