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Re: My Ridiculous Fluffs

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:37:38 am
by AriA
I'm so glad he made it safe and sound! :) So happy to see the little guy in his new home! Don't worry buddy your horns are just as good as the other kids x)

Re: My Ridiculous Fluffs

PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:34:08 pm
by Tora

Yes! At long last, my flood of floof is here and proceeding to add to the regularly scheduled chaos that is my wyrm situation. Let's run down the new arrivals!

First up, some strays I made friends with on the forum.

This is Idoru, a beautiful little Fantail-PGH hybrid who was hanging out with a small group of wyrms who'd all recently had Tesla repairs done. She's a touch self-conscious about her eye sometimes, but is otherwise a confident and energetic little thing. Needless to say, the Teslas are thrilled about her repair and fuss over her constantly, which certainly does a lot to boost her own confidence.

A new mule! Bird's Eye is a Dragonfyre wyrm and her personality certainly reflects that. Good lord, it's like having twelve of Ursa with about a gallon of espresso thrown in. She's a big girl too, almost the same size as my Darter boys. Right now Bird's favourite thing to do is get up on high things and scream furiously, as demonstrated in the picture.

One more mule for the bunch. This strange fellow's name is Yancy. He seems to be yet another four-eyed addition to the family. Oddly enough, Yancy has a lot of the same tendencies as my Crystal wyrms- he loves to collect and eat gemstones. He's a very polite fellow, but has an unfortunate fondess for incredibly dirty jokes. You should see how hard he's making some of my wyrms blush.

I've got Canine wyrms now! First up is Spike, the most eye-searing dog in the world. Zia has said he's most like a Westie and he sure has a terrier's personality. Spike is ridiculously energetic and has mainly been spending his time chasing my flying wyrms around and mightily yapping at them. Griff is enjoying this and likes to sit out of Spikes reach and tease him.

Now on to the Home Con arrivals!

Frisket, my second Canine. She's a good match for Spike- energetic and rambunctious, but a lot easier to reign in when she's getting particularly hyper. She wants nothing more than to be bestest buddies ever with my Felines. So far she's been successful with Ratbag. Vladimir, on the other hand, has been a pretty annoyed fluffball and hisses at her every time she bounds up to him to play. Poor sweet puppy girl XD

The Jungle wyrms seem to be mulitplying here. Chevy is not only my first Treebe, but my first ever wyrm with Lace. Nobody told me what utter clowns Treebes are, but given their general appearance I guess I should have known. Chevy is just an incredibly silly fellow and does not hesitate to take advantage of any situation that allows him to be an utter goofball. I'm also currently trying to keep him from following me out to the garage, as he heard I do pottery and now he wants to go play in the mud. -.-'

Pea Blossom is my third Leaf Crawler and quite a contrast to the silliness that is Camrose and Ron. She's a quiet, unobtrusive little thing and always tries not to draw any kind of attention to herself. Needless to say, this made trying to get her picture pretty difficult until she saw the fake flowers. Then she was all excited about the pretty colourful things and didn't mind me taking a picture. Pea is apparently prone to really adorable outbursts of enthusiasm about certain things. Seriously, it's so cute.

As Home Con was drawing to a close, I decided to try for one last wyrm and man am I glad I did. Khotan is the first Imperial Fu to live here and she's quickly getting my rather rowdy bunch of Zhong Lungs in order. My Jiaos and Gaos seem to respectfully treat her as an authority figure and Khotan is happy to fill the role. She's fairly serious much of the time, but she's also capable of being as cheeky as any of my other wyrms and she has an excellent sense of humour. Also, she is beyond patient- I watched her actually successfully talk some of my most aggressive wyrms out of fighting with each other.

Up next is my bred wyrms!

Chinook's Puckish Delight, the latest breeding from Chinook Hills. Puck here is SO close to the Gremlin standard- he's missing the necessary Banding and Stinger. Minuet and Berry are overjoyed to have him here and Key is so happy about his grandson he keeps bouncing around the house making high-ptiched squealing noises. Puck, for his own part, is as sweet-tempered as his mother and yet another literature-loving wyrm living here. He and Elise have been spending hours talking about their favourite books.

Another one of Key's grandchilren, Chinook's Licorice Dub. Dub is Trance's first daughter and good god she is SASS INCARNATE. I have, to this point, been more or less able to handle the various personality quirks of my Shriekers and their associated family. Dub is bound and determined to be the one who changes that. She is a jerk on par with Flint, a persistent trouble-maker and- worst of all- she thinks she can take Ursa in a fight. Lord help me, my wyrms and my house in general.

And finally, you've all been waiting for it...


Oh man, I can't tell you all enough how utterly gorgeous he is. I've been waiting so long to see him and here he is and I still can't believe he's here. ^^

Now I understand that Blessed wyrms are typically egotistical jerks. Surprisingly, he's only got a good-sized vanity streak- big fella loves the camera. He's definitely going to be a handful, but by and large Dorado is a pretty good-natured and friendly wyrm. I'm chalking this up to the fact his builders were Nickel and Tuppence, who are two of my kindest and sweetest wyrms. Fourree definitely sees him as a rival, but in a good way- the two of them are competing, sure, but also collaborating and working with each other and the rest of the Teslas extraordinarily well.

I have serious concerns about the well-being of not only my electronics, but any and all machinery in and around our house....

Re: My Ridiculous Fluffs

PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:52:25 pm
by Tora
Further Confusion has come and gone and Sky was good enough to grab me an egg while there. Meet the new girl!


Another Angler for a nibbly trio. This is Chinook's Strawberry Ika and her favourite thing to do is play catch-the-lure. She's a little daft, to be honest, but much like Sherbet she dotes on little ol' Velvet. I think she'll be a good fit around here.

Re: My Ridiculous Fluffs

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:38:35 pm
by Tora
Apparently I'm not quite done getting fluff in the mail XD

Sermilik is our first resident Tundra wyrm! This lovely blue fluff has been named for a glacier WAY up north here, in Nunavut. Ser's a funny wyrm and was incredibly happy about the snow we'd just gotten when they arrived. Right now I'm not entirely sure if Ser's male or female, but I love them all the same. They're also the first wyrm I've ever had arrive here that Gang was not immediately a huge tool towards. Mutual interests, maybe? EDIT: Turns out Ser's a boy!

Aria and Antimon had some wyrms up for grabs, so how could I resist? This is Kani and is yet another incredibly neon pink wyrm that's taken up residence here. She's a little on the short side, but we won't hold that against her :P Kani has already fallen into extremely good favour with the resident Darters and is currently getting to know the Anglers and Nembrotha better.

At long last, Oriol is no longer my sole male Crystal wyrm. Nouveau is a wyrm I am immensely happy to have arrive, I've been trying for a Jewel Horn for AGES. He's yet another goofball wyrm, as silly as you'd imagine. The first thing he attempted while checking out his new digs was to try and chew on a crystal we have next to the computer.