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Goooood Evening!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:12:46 pm
by MischievousMinx
I was absorbed into the Wyrm family at MFF 2017. I love collecting things, and I got drawn in by the gamble of picking eggs (me and blind boxes are dangerous! Goodbye paycheck!). I adopted three wyrm children at MFF, and can't wait to expand my little ranch. :)

I can be found on most social media pages as SmidgeFidge (Twitter, FA, Facebook, Telegram, so on and so forth). That is my artist/business account (yes, I draw!).

MischievousMinx is my sona's account on FA, and more for personal postings. Photos of my wyrms will be found there!

I'm a local to Southern Indiana/Northern Kentucky. I work a full-time job in IT Operations, so I can be pretty quiet during normal business hours, and an artist by night. I may even be found vending conventions too. You might see me on the Telegram chat on the weekends, but I'm more of a lurker.

Anyhoodles, pleased to make your aquaintance!

Re: Goooood Evening!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:27:20 pm
by Nytshaed
Welcome to the Game!! I have a small squirm of five at the moment. Got my first when I discovered them at FC2017. I've adopted two from the forums, and scored two more at the HomeCon in October. I'll be at FC2018 to get a few more.

Enjoy the fluffs!