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Re: ~The road less traveled~

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:01:54 am
by HopefulMonster
In the sudden vaccum of Chuck's absence, the Glade feels colder and more empty, despite the gathering of wyrms and Handlers. As the shock begins to wear off, and everyone starts calling for Chuck, a strange, flapping sound can be heard approaching. In a flurry of movement, wyrms closest to the pool of water scramble out of the way as a long, sinuous winged wyrm lands in the Glade. With the rustle of massive, tattered wings, and a low chuckle, a familiar voice addresses the group.

"Well, well, well...this IS quite the interesting pickle, isn't it?"

Crowley looks over the others, smirks, and asks "So, what do you all intend to do about it then?

Re: ~The road less traveled~

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:30:33 pm
by AnimeAmy
Rey and Luke make their way to the front of the group. "Do NOT trust this trickster, he has scored us many times" she motions towards the cursed children. "We can work together without this monster, us Starfires have been very invested in keeping the gates closed. This is the only way we can save everyone and Chuck."

Luke speaks up "Any who fight for the gates to stay closed are welcome to join us. We are.. Not like the others." He scowls at the other Himo who refuse to work with those different to save the species.

Leia the Shaman of the Starfires steps Forward and looks out hopefully over all of the wyrms gathered there "Help us please, you're our only hope."

Re: ~The road less traveled~

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:16:21 am
by HopefulMonster
Crowley just shook his head, tsking in amusement at the HiMo's display.

"Children, children, children.....I don't expect you to understand, but I'm actually on YOUR side. At least in regards to this....specific situation."

He gave the wyrmy equivalent of a shrug, his long body rippling, and slithered closer to the Starfire Shaman, leaning over and muttering into her ear, "You DO realize The Jedi are the villains, right luv? I mean...they kidnap children to train as janissaries, casually apply mind control, have no objection to slavery, lie ALL the time, leave their friends to burn to death without delivering a mercy stroke.....the bloody wankers even cheat at dice."

With a smirk, he turned to address the gathering of Handlers and wyrms.

"Look. There's plenty of you who've heard all the nasty, vicious rumorr about me. Horrible Crowley, Evil Crowley, tormenting poor, innocent wyrms seeking his help. Here's the cold, hard truth of it. I am a buisinesswyrm. I offer contracts to assist your fluffy companions in obtaining things they desire. Hardly MY fault if the little furballs don't properly *word* their requests now, is it? I'm not a bloody mind reader, after all! I do my very, level best to interpret the information I'm given. But thats neither here nor there."

He spreads his wings, flying over to the subtly glowing runes around the Nightmare gate, looking at it with distaste and pointing the tip of his tail at it.

"This particular monstrosity is bad for business, pure and simple. I can't very well enter into business arrangements with wyrms that've gone round the bend, mentally. Makes for incredibly unpredictable outcomes, and that just won't do. No, in this regard, we are in agreement. The gate's got to be shut. And seeing as your little feline friend appears to be MIA....I'm all you've got. So. Questions, comments, suggestions on how to thouroughly unbugger this mess?