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Official Trading Post - Sale/Trade Policy

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:45:50 pm
by Arazia
At Cruinndrac Farms, we want to allow a place where people can easily trade their Wyrms. However, we do not want to encourage a 'secondary market' - ie. people buying Wyrms for the purpose of reselling them at a profit. We understand that sometimes you may pick up a Wyrm that just doesn't fit what you want to breed or collect, so we do offer the forums as a place where you can trade or sell these Wyrms.

We ask that all trades/sales follow these guidelines:

1. We ask that all trades/sales of Wyrms/Tokens be done through the forums.
This is not only so we can keep track of what is traded, but also so that everyone involved can be held accountable if a item doesn't show up, or has damage that was not disclosed. Personal trades or gifts (only if the gift is an already registered Wyrm) must at least be acknowledged with a post that explains that the Wyrm/Token was traded, the terms of the trade, and to whom. This helps your Scribe keep track of what things she needs to update.

2. All sales or trades of Wyrms should come with all of the following: Egg Charm, Wyrm, Datacard.
Datacards may be re-printed from the wiki for registered Wyrms and are considered valid for this purpose. If egg or datacard are missing, it must be noted on the sale thread and agreed upon by both parties.

3. Any damage to a Wyrm must be disclosed at the time of posting them for sale/trade.
This includes anything that has been repaired on the Wyrm (even if you cannot visibly see the repair). You should also specify if you come from a home with a smoker, as some people are very sensitive to that smell and may not want to buy a Wyrm which may carry it in their fur.

4. Only existing forum users (who have active accounts) and registered Wyrms on the wiki may sell or trade.
If you have Wyrms pending registration, but they have not been processed, and you want to sell/trade, please PM Arazia to get special permission to sell. We need to make sure we have contact details and the registration process helps us do that, but due to long queue wait times, we are willing to make some exceptions.

5. Wyrms may be sold or traded as often as you like, but only for their ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE.
Wyrms have always had a bit of a supply/demand problem, but we do not want to see them being resold for profit. It has caused us too many problems in the past, with people buying for profit and using Wyrms as a way of trying to bail themselves out of financial problems. This is really not what the Wyrm game is meant to be about.

As such, we are lifting all previous 'Mass Sale' rules. You may now sell and trade as many Wyrms as you like, but they must be sold at their original convention price.

Special Notes: Wyrms that were sold prior to the new rules, which may have had prices greater than their original con sales price, will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We do not want to see any of our handlers losing out on funds they paid into the game. If you wish to sell a Wyrm you purchased from another handler for more than it's convention cost, you can send me (Arazia) a PM including the Wyrm's information, and a link to the sales thread, and/or a screenshot of the Paypal purchase. No Wyrm can be sold for more than it's convention price without expressed staff permission. The only exception to this will be those who complete a breed using our Farm Breed process, and are rewarded with the ability to sell their new breed at higher prices.

6. 'Black Market' trades/sales are strictly not allowed.
'Black Market' trades/sales are defined as sales/trades not made on the forums, which thus may not follow the rules/guidelines displayed here. We require that sales/trades be done on the forums for /your/ protection. Situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but may result in penalties to buyer/seller and/or Wyrm(s) involved. Please play fair.

7. Clean up your threads.
When a thread is complete, please change the title to CLOSED: <original title>. Make sure the LAST entry in the thread explains who the item was sold/traded to. This helps me keep track of items that need to be transferred between users.

8. All Pre-Arranged Breedings Must be Disclosed.
Before a Wyrm can be sold, any pre-arranged breedings must be disclosed to the new owner. The new owner is buying/trading the wyrm "as-is", which includes any pre-arranged agreements for breedings with that Wyrm. If there are no clutchmates available, the new owner should honor the request during the season previously arranged. If there is a clutchmate available and the new owner wants it for themselves, they are allowed to ask that the breeding be held until a season in which they have an open slot/availability to purchase the clutchmate for themselves.

9. Personal Sales/Trades
Any item that is sold by staff through Cruinndrac Farms is covered by our sales policies. Any items which are sold/traded through the forums between handlers are not. The forums provide a service to allow people to post their sales/trades, but we at Cruinndrac Farms/HopefulMonsterStudios cannot be held responsible for bad trades/sales. Understand that, like any other online purchase, that these sales/trades are at your own risk.

We generally trust our handlers to be responsible. In the case of items which are not sent, we will handle the situation as best we can by contacting the individuals involved and attempting to get things sorted out. We will deal with deadbeat sellers with the only tools we have available to us, which includes restrictions, suspensions, and/or bans.

We encourage those who are involved in sales to keep an eye on the timers required for reporting a bad sale. It is your responsibility to notify Paypal within their time period and/or your bank/credit card in the case of a bad sale. We cannot reimburse any loss of funds/items from any personal sale/trade.

10. You only trade/sell items which you have in hand.
We do not want to see people trading or selling Wyrms which they do not actively have ownership of. This can cause problems if one individual sends their physical Wyrm, and the other does not because they don't actually have it yet. As such, you may only sell/trade items in your possession.

Included in this is things such as future pick slots at conventions. These are not physical items, and thus cannot be traded or sold. There is no way to guarantee that an individual will attend a convention, and giving away a 'pick' slot would break convention purchase limits. Our 'Pick-Up' rules specifically state that you may not do a pick-up (use your slot to purchase a Wyrm for someone else) if they are attending the convention.

We will not restrict individuals from trading a wyrm in exchange for someone paying for a future bred-baby slot, but understand that doing so is at your own risk. You are actually /far/ better off getting the same amount in cash. We highly encourage people to just do cash transactions in these cases to avoid issues.

11. Any confirmed/agreed upon sale or trade is FINAL.

Once two individuals have agreed upon a sale or trade, the item must be taken off of the market. You may not leave the item up in case you get 'better offers'. Also, you may not change your mind about selling/trading an item after a final sale/trade has been agreed upon. This is highly unfair to the person on the other side of the trade/sale.

While we try not to get involved in individual sales, someone who breaks this rule will be subject to negative feedback and multiple instances may result in them losing sale/trade privilages.

The only exceptions to this are unforeseen circumstances in which item is destroyed, or if both users agree to changing the original terms.

12. All Paypal transactions must be sent as goods/services.

No wyrm may be sold using 'Gift/Friends/Family' options in Paypal and must be sent as 'Goods/Services'. This gives the receiving handler the ability to file Paypal charge-backs and file disputes if items are not delivered. It is up to the seller to pay the fees associated with this. A seller may NOT, under any circumstances, ask the buyer to pay more to cover the cost of these fees. This is against Paypal's Terms of Service and we do not condone trying to dodge fees or improperly use the Paypal service.

Sales/Trade policy does not apply to Wyrm pick-ups. Someone who is picking up a Wyrm for another handler at a con, obviously does not have to post it here, or go through specific trade rules in order to do so. The same goes for Wyrms purchased as gifts for friends/family. The only time you would need to post a gift Wyrm here on the boards is if it is already registered and you are changing ownership.

Last updated: 11/30/2015

Re: Official Trading Post - Sale/Trade Policy

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:19:27 pm
by Arazia
In an attempt to avoid clutter on this forum, please refrain from having threads/posts like the following:
- "Want to Buy a Wyrm"
- "Will Pay for a Wyrm Pick-up @ Con"

Almost /everyone/ who frequents the forums wants to buy Wyrms. If every person who ever wanted to buy a Wyrm put up a post for it, it would get very cluttered. We understand that new players are excited and want to get a hold of their first Wyrms, but your best bet is to either ask for a pick-up, or be patient and watch the forums for sales from HopefulMonster or from other users. People will post if they have a Wyrm that they want to sell, so just keep an eye out.

If you want a Pick-up, please post in the pick up thread which can be found here:

Individuals who are looking to trade for/purchase a specific breed or breeds (a max of two or three) may put up a post. However, keep in mind that a response is very unlikely. Wyrm wanted threads that have no activity for three months will be closed.

Re: Official Trading Post - Sale/Trade Policy

PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:59:43 am
by Arazia
When posting for transfers of Wyrms, there MUST be either a bboard thread to back it up the details or add a description of exactly what was offered/traded/etc. This makes sure no one is being taken advantage of and no one is price-gouging. Please make sure you provide this information, even if just posting on the transfer thread, so that staff can review the transfer before it is applied.

If you do not post a link to the thread, or details to the items/price of the transfer, we will no longer be applying those transfers until the information is properly provided.

Re: Official Trading Post - Sale/Trade Policy

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:14:26 pm
by Arazia
Please note that the price ceiling for Wyrms does NOT apply to Wyrm pick-ups at conventions. A person offering pick-ups may ask for a reasonable amount above the base cost of the Wyrm in order to cover the wyrm, shipping, handling, and a bit extra to help offset the time it takes and the cost of attending the convention.

We consider $5-10 over the base cost of the Wyrm to be 'reasonable', depending on what sort of Wyrm you are looking for. Obviously, Minis and Standards, which tend to sell out quickly, may require extra effort or even a more expensive con registration on the part of the person doing the pick-up. Whatever the cost of the pick-up, it must be agreed to PRIOR to the pick-up and no one should be springing unknown fees on anyone after the fact.

If the person who received the pick-up decides to sell it, then they must charge the /base/ price of the Wyrm. The extra fees paid to someone for the privilege of getting a pick-up are NOT, I repeat NOT rolled into the value of the Wyrm. You are giving that to the person themselves for being nice enough to get you a pick-up.