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Crowley's Curses

PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:20:54 pm
by HopefulMonster
Alrighty folks, this topic is where I will post the after effects of Crowley's curses, basically my responses to folks write ups requesting his help. The Wyrms themselves will not be posted until their handlers get to see them, and the stories will only be posted once the handlers themselves read them. Be warned, these stories do NOT have happy endings. These are curses, after all. Much like wishing on an old world Djinn, the results will never be quite as the wisher expects them to be.

Re: Crowley's Curses

PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:22:02 pm
by HopefulMonster
Sandy - Tick Tock x Gadget

Gadget frantically squiggled towards the desk lamp that was Crowley's favored perch, panic and dismay in every movement. It was late at night, and trying to keep his voice down and not waken the Handler or any of the rest of the Squirm, he called out in a voice filled with anguish.
"M......mister C....Crowley? Please...sir....I need to talk to you!"
Gadget looked, but did not see the tatter winged Wyrm curled up in his usual spot. His gears clicking in distress, he called out again, and again. Just as he was about to give up, the oddly accented voice whispered from directly behind him, and he jumped with a start.

"Well, well well, if it isn't my little tin soldier!" chuckled Crowley. He slithered around Gadget, leisurely coiling his seemingly endless body in a circle around the much smaller Teacup. His teeth glittered in the moonlight coming through the front window.
"And how did your little....tete a tete, go, with the lovely silver lady?" His eyes seemed to gleam with amusement at some private joke. But Gadget wasn't amused.

"It was awful!" Gadget cried. "Or, err......well, rather, it was wonderful. At first. She was so taken with my hoard, and the shiny parts you had given me, and she was so happy and impressed, and we worked for days and days and made the most beautiful daughter....
The little Tesla rambled on, his panic running all of the past weeks events together in his mind. His distress was painfully obvious.

Crowley shrugged. "So then, what's the problem?"

Gadget looked pained. "Its Tick Tock. She's......different. Aloof. Distant. From the moment our daughter was finished, and we breathed the spark of life into her, Tock has been.......she.....she didn't even KNOW me!!" the little Wyrm cried. "I don't know what's wrong! She looked at me, and was so......cold. When I tried to cuddle her, congratulate her on what a lovely child we had made, she shoved me away and said not to touch her, and was I crazy?? How could she not know Cher was our daughter?!? How could she not know ME? It's she has no clue who I am, like we never even met!" By this point the Teacup is beside himself, eyes wide and pleading to Crowley for answers. The big Wyrm gives a deep, unpleasant chuckle and coils himself in front of Gadget, a reproachful look on his face.
"But you got exactly what you asked for, dear boy...."

"What are you talking about?!?!" Gadget cried in confusion.

" asked for special parts, so you could earn TickTock's love and make a child."
The larger Wyrm's blue eyes glint with an inner light as he smiles, looking at the distraught brass teacup. "I gave you *special* parts, exactly as you wished for. The gears, the pins, the servos and plates and screws....sugar and spice and all that rubbish....aaaaaaaand leave us not forget the little glass vial with the glowing green muck inside. You know, the one you installed in your daughter's skull?" Crowley leaned closer, his smile growing wider. "The one that contains the most special ingredient of all, my tiny clockwork friend."

Gadget felt a chill run up his spine, and gulped before asking the question he wasn't sure he wanted the answer to. "W.....what was in that vial?" He could feel his mechanical heart stutter at Crowley's next words.

"Why, your silver angel's love, of course. Well.....that and her every memory of you." The dark shadows in the room seemed to close in as Crowley started to crawl back up to his usual perch on the desk light, leaving Gadget alone on the floor, shivering and wide eyed.

"What?!" The little Wyrm's heart felt as though it was shattering. The one he loved with all of his being, the one whom he made a beautiful child with, wouldn't remember him? COULDN'T remember him?? " can that be?? Can't we.....can't we just remove it?? Put it back??"

Crowley, now coiled on the desk lamp and laying his head down as he regarded the Tesla below him, laughed. "Sure you could! Brilliant idea. Of course, since that vial is where her spark is housed and is what gives her what you Teslas consider 'life', that'd up and kill your darling baby girl, but hey, can't make an omelet without scrambling a few eggs, eh?"

"Then....what do I do now?" Gadget felt his whole body slump as the realization hit him.

"Personally, I'd get on with my life if I were you, little man. Go forth, squiggle into the wild copper yonder, get yourself a hobby. Start a band. But I wouldn't waste time mooning over your lost beloved. Won't do any good. She can't love, or even care for you, or anyone else for that matter. Doesn't have the programming for it anymore."
With that, the mini curled up, closed his bright blue eyes, and seemed to consider the audience at an end.

Gadget was beyond crushed. It felt as though a giant hole had opened up in the floor and swallowed him whole. He squiggled back to his nest, buried his face, and began to sob. From his nest, the heartbroken Wyrm couldn't see the sly, creeping grin spreading on Crowley's toothy maw, nor hear the dark Wyrm's satisfied chuckle.