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Forum/Game Rules And Guidelines

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:09:17 am
by Arazia
The following is a list of general behavior rules and guidelines for the forums. It by no means covers all possible situations, but in cases not covered below, remember this: If a moderator or administrator asks you not to do something - don't do it. Period.

1. Keep all posts/chat family-friendly.
--- This means no swearing and no adult content. This includes, but is not limited to: avoiding discussion on illegal activities or anything else above a PG-level.
--- No linking to videos and images that break this content guideline.

2. Be excellent to each other.
--- No, seriously. Treat everyone on the forums with respect. No name calling, sarcastic/snarky remarks, bullying, etc. Also avoid whining, begging, or complaining about other users.

3. Don't spam.
--- Please don't make useless posts just to bump a topic, or create spam-inducing games to increase your post counts. This forum is run on a private, home server and can't really take a lot of extra load from such things.

4. This is not a blog/therapy site.

While we acknowledge that everyone has rough days, and sometimes they need to express that, but we ask that you refrain from making forum posts of a personal nature. The forums are not a place to air out dirty laundry regarding friends/family/co-workers/significant others, etc. It also isn't a place to discuss life issues or emotional states such as depression. Our visitors are not therapists or psychologists and cannot offer advice to people suffering from such issues. That said, if you need to say you're having a rough day in chat, that's fine. Just do try to keep such things to a minimum. If you find you're regularly saying such things in chat, then you probably should be seeking resources elsewhere for support and help.

5. Advertisements
--- Please do not post advertisements for outside games. Discussion areas are meant to be for discussions or sharing interests, not for advertisements.
--- Please do not post up your 'breedable games' that you're considering creating. Of the times this has happened, the creatures people have posted greatly resemble either CDF Wyrms, ECS Dragons, or Wyverns and often include many aspects of the two games. We do not feel it's appropriate to post advertisements or discussions about games which heavily borrow from ours.

6. Your Creations
--- You are welcome to post your individual home made, for your own use, creatures. This includes OOAK art dolls, home made critters to be friends for your Wyrms, etc. However, we ask that you do not borrow Wyrm or Wyrm designs to create your own creatures for sale.
--- We do allow artists to post commissions for Wyrm drawings/accessories/etc, either for personal profit or to raise money to purchase their own Wyrms. What we ask is that those artists A. Do not copy the particular things being sold as part of CruinndracFarms. IE handler chains, charms, the same wooden cages HMS is selling, anything with the CDF logo, etc. And B, that they credit Wyrms and CDF for the designs.
--- Please do not post advertisements for non-wyrm related commissions or sales.

Other Notes:
-- If posting someone else's work, make sure you credit it appropriately.
-- If the wiki or the forums go offline, it means that our home server has lost power. Please don't post up threads complaining about downtimes. This is hosted on a home server and power/internet blips do happen.

Game Rules:
We have always had, (but it needs to be added to the wiki) a three-strike rule. This means that people who cause issues within the game can face a ban for their behavior. They will get two warnings, and on the third strike, they will be removed from the game. Things that can earn you a strike:
- Trying to get around limits/per-person rules. Registering a Wyrm you claimed for someone else under yourself.
- Trying to skip the queue for bred Wyrms. Lying or begging to have your Wyrms finished earlier than others.
- Repeated inappropriate behavior on the forums (swearing, inappropriate links, spamming, begging, etc.)
- Anything a staff member or moderator asks you to stop doing and you continue to do so. Listen to your staff/mods.

Auto-ban offenses:
- Theft. Registering a stolen Wyrm.
- Fraudulent credit-card chargebacks or paypal claims.
- Admission of/threats of illegal activities.