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What's a Homecon?/Virtual Dealer Applications

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:26:41 am
by ShadraAvro
Who needs to pay hundreds of dollars on hotels, plane tickets, gas, parking, and registration fees?
You certainly don't.

CDF Homecon 2017

Con Information
Dates: Friday October 27- Sunday October 29th
Location: Your living room, or study, or bedroom. We'll even let you attend from your bathroom, just so long as you keep the specifics to yourself!

What is Homecon?
Homecon is CruinndracFarms' way of providing the convention experience for folks who cannot normally attend them. It saves us, and you, on travel/convention expenses, by selling to you online. It also gives international handlers, and those who don't/can't attend conventions a chance to still pick their eggs the same way as people do at cons, with all the craziness that goes along with it.

We will be offering Tea-cup Wyrms online, blind-draw, over the course of the convention. Each day, at listed times we will post threads here on the forums (in the homecon 2017 board) allowing people to put their name in to claim a slot in line. Spots will be decided by RNG from there. Each person may claim only one slot per stream. You may not claim a slot for someone else. If you claim a slot, you are expected to attend the corresponding stream to pick your egg. If you don't show up then you will lose your slot.

What else will there be?
Well, Homecon is a celebration of the community. Besides our own sales, we also invite the artists within our community to share/sell their Wyrm-related items. Want to stream Wyrm-art commissions during Homecon? Great! Have some Wyrm collars or other accessories you'd like to sell? Awesome. We have virtual 'Dealer Tables' as well.

However, we have a few rules:
- Art/sales should be streamed. This is to keep an interactive, 'convention' type experience. You choose your times. Each artist should have their own thread to keep track of sales.
- Your sales are your responsibility. Exchanging of funds, applicable taxes, etc. are up to individual sellers.
- You should be providing some sort of Wyrm-related product. (If someone wants a regular commission, that's fine, but the majority of your streams should be Wyrmy.)
- Please keep all items sold of a PG/Family-friendly nature.
- We cannot guarantee attendance to your streams, or sales. Sorry!
- This year there will be a required $5 donation to your choice of oceanic charity/conservation group. When you are approved for your table, we will require a screen shot of your donation be sent to Zia or D.

Further rules on D's stream/payment to be announced.

Re: What's a Homecon?/Virtual Dealer Applications

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:27:28 am
by ShadraAvro
Applications for Homecon 2017 are now open.
Applications will be open until October 16th.

Please provide the following information:
Stream times/dates
Stream link
Items being sold/links to examples

When you are accepted you will receive a PM. Once the Homecon 2017 board is prepared you will be permitted to post your "table" thread in order to provide further information such as prices.